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Top 50 Liberal Bumper Stickers of August 2012: Warren, Romney, Obama, Stein

To cover the costs required to keep Irregular Times going, we sell liberal political bumper stickers, buttons and shirts — over 10,000 different kinds of them. Some designs sell better than others, and the change in that set tells us a little bit about what’s on the mind of those who care enough to put down a few dollars next to that message.

The Top 50 pieces of political gear we sold in August 2012 were:

1. Grandmas for Obama bumper sticker
2. Elizabeth Warren for Senate Yard Sign
3. Vote Republican: It’s Easier than Thinking! Bumper Sticker
4. Stop Texting and Driving Oval Bumper Sticker
5. Gardeners for Obama (bumper sticker)
6. Elizabeth Warren US Senate Sticker (Bumper)
7. Plumbers for Obama bumper sticker
8. Virginia for Obama bumper sticker
9. Red Slash through GOP Anti-Republican Yard Sign
10. Christians for Barack Obama bumper sticker
11. GP: Green Party oval bumper sticker
12. Another Scientist for Obama Bumper Sticker
13. Billionaires for Romney-Ryan Car Magnet 10 x 3
14. Canadians for Obama bumper sticker
15. American Flag: Not a Religious Symbol Bumper Sticker
16. Maine Supports Marriage Equality Sticker
17. Musicians for Obama bumper sticker
18. Outsource Romney bumper sticker
19. Stop Texting and Driving Transparent Oval Decal
20. Jill Stein for President Yard Sign
21. Barack Obama for President Yard Sign
22. Independents for Obama lawn sign
23. Vote Democrat: Liberty and Justice for All Yard Sign
24. While We Breathe, We Will Hope Barack Obama Lawn Sign
25. Don’t Frack with Pennsylvania Sticker (Rectangle)
26. Like Jesus Would Own a Gun and Vote Republican! bumper sticker
27. Texas Democrat Oval Sticker
28. Barack 2012, Michelle 2016 bumper sticker
29. Birders for Obama 2012 bumper sticker
30. Blue and Black Obama Bumper Sticker
31. Hate, Lies, Greed: The Republican Way Bumper Sticker
32. Hunters for Obama bumper sticker
33. I Support President Obama bumper sticker
34. Obama-Biden 2012 Car Magnet
35. These colors don’t run. They skip and jump. LGBT bumper sticker
36. Middle-Class White Guys for Obama bumper sticker
37. In 2012, this American Votes Obama Yard Sign
38. 99 percent oval bumper sticker
39. Sherrod Brown: Senate 2012 (sticker)
40. Stein-Honkala 2012 Campaign Bumper Sticker
41. RMoney Bilking America Car Magnet
42. Romney Ryan RR: Don’t Hope On The Crazy Train Bumper Sticker
43. Romney-Ryan 2012: Together for the 1% Bumper Sticker
44. Romney/Ryan Equals Bush/Cheney Car Magnet
45. Some Other Asshole for President (bumper sticker)
46. Todd Akin is a legitimate Jerk Bumper Sticker
47. Obama Lawn Sign: Peace, Earth, Love
48. 2012 O Obama Symbol Oval Bumper Sticker
49. 2012 Obama Icon Bumper Sticker
50. Mitt Romney: Another Rich Guy Helping His Rich Friends Get Richer Bumper Sticker

Some big changes are evident from last month:

  • In July, only 2 bumper stickers about Mitt Romney made the top 50; this month that count is up to 6.
  • A single lawn sign supporting Elizabeth Warren was the Massachusetts Senate candidate’s only appearance in the top 50 last month, and at #23. This month, Warren has two items in the top 50, and they’re at #2 and #6 on the leaderboard, as people begin to get really excited about the prospect of her winning the election.

But some things stay the same: last month, pro-Obama bumper stickers took up 22 of the top 50 spots; this month, Obamamania takes up 22 out of 50 again. Also as in the previous month, 3 pieces of gear supporting the Green Party and its presidential candidate Jill Stein made the top 50 list. 3 out of 50 is nowhere near Barack Obama’s ratio, but for a marginalized third party it’s a much better performance than scanty media mentions would suggest.

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