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Reclaimed for the Sun

When I moved up to Maine 3 years ago, the place I moved into had a deck of pressure-treated wood shoved into a south-and-east facing corner.  It wasn’t connected to the steps, so you had to walk to it.  It didn’t face the street, so it wasn’t made for socializing.  It got splintery and rickety.

So this spring I took it out.  Underneath was this hard and gravelly soil, probably contaminated with heavy metals from the wood.  Vegetables were out of the question, but not flowers.  For the price of one burger I got three packets of sunflower seeds.  Dig, dig, hoe, hoe, sow, sow, wait, wait.


I think it was worth it.  Now when I look at that corner, I smile. Under the big blooms, lamb’s ears are taking over the undergrowth with their funny soft sageness.

Sunflowers are spectacular but temporary visitors.  What do you think I should do with that space next year?

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