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Rep. Ron Barber Plays Arizonans for Suckers with FISA Vote

Arizona congressional candidate Ron Barber on how the personal liberty guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is bigger than just the Second Amendment:

Some politicians just say they support the Second Amendment, but I support all of them. Our constitution lays out our freedoms, and I will fight in Congress to protect those freedoms.

Arizona 8th district Congressman Ron Barber on H.R. 5949, a bill:

* to continue the practices of the FISA Amendments Act and allow the government to search through and seize Americans’ papers and communications without a warrant or demonstrable suspicion of any illegal activity,

* to contradict the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which requires a judge’s warrant with specification of reason, place and time,

* to offer no reforms whatsoever to the FISA Amendments Act while renewing it for five years:


Rep. Ron Barber of Arizona plays his freedom-loving constituents for suckers with his vote to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act

Good morning, freedom-loving people of Arizona. Ron Barber’s played you for a bunch of suckers. How does that mix with your coffee?

2 thoughts on “Rep. Ron Barber Plays Arizonans for Suckers with FISA Vote”

  1. Jerry Thomas says:

    Our Congress is pathetic in protecting the rights of citizens and the Constitution!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      How about this friendly amendment?

      301 of our members of the House are pathetic in protecting our rights. There were 118 members of Congress who did the right thing. We need to shift that balance.

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