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Vegetables at the Brink of Autumn

My August plan to chance a second batch of snap peas has borne fruit:

September Snap Peas 2012

Even though the plants are shorter than their summertime parents, they’ve got some delicious pods.

And what does a hot pepper taste like if it’s grown when the frosts are nearly here? I’m about to find out:

A hot pepper, just about ready to pick in Maine on a chilly September morning

Meanwhile, garlic cloves nestle.

Is there anything still growing in your vegetable garden?

4 thoughts on “Vegetables at the Brink of Autumn”

  1. Fr. Tim Moyle says:

    Do weeds count? (he says with a heavy sigh)

  2. Joshua Budden says:

    Still have lots of peepers. Tomatoes won’t ripen now, but i can still have plenty of fried green tomatoes.

  3. Tom says:

    The chard is still producing, the peppers and tomatoes are finishing up and my Italian parsley is doing fine. i’m going to try garlic if it isn’t too late in the season to put it in today. Cool nights seems to be the limiting factor.

  4. scott says:

    Down South, it’s growing season. Lettuce, broccili, cauliflower, green beans (dying now), melons (also dying now), cucumbers, shard, tomatoes, sage, squash, a raspberry bush, and various peppers.

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