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Call to Protest at the First Presidential Debate in Denver October 3 2012

Occupy Denver has just issued a call to protest at the first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

The first of the three Presidential “debates” will take place in Denver, Colorado on October 3rd. We have no doubt that this charade will produce plenty of false promises, lies, empty platitudes and misleading statements. The conversations at these “debates” are designed to divide people into polarized camps, reinforce the illusion that we are dependent on our elected officials, and divert our attention from addressing the root problems this nation is facing. The American Empire, although few outside of academic circles would dare to call it that, is one such problem.

Join the coalition to Stop the Empire as we march to the presidential debate to let the two corporate candidates know we are finished listening to their meaningless conversations that do nothing except maintain the current power structures that are morally and fiscally bankrupting this nation and communities across the world. Democracy or the American Empire? We can’t have both. The only way to avoid the fate of all empires is to admit that America is exactly that, a full-blown Empire; and to start honestly discussing and understanding within our communities why American imperialism, financial colonization and capitalism are creating more terrorism, eviscerating our Constitutional rights here at home, and violating international law abroad.

No matter which presidential candidate wins this election, the American Empire will continue to trudge on killing and terrorizing innocent civilians throughout the world, while corporations and banks, using our labor, money and resources, rapidly drive our communities into the ground. Both the Republican and Democratic Party represent the American Empire, Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex – the true sources of the issues that both candidates purport to fix, but will continue to perpetuate.

We are calling for the end of the exploitative capitalist system that values profits over people and shows no regard for the lives lost or the cultures they attempt to destroy.

We are calling for a closure of all overseas military bases.

We are calling for an end to the increased public and private business structures that are hidden under the rubric of “Defense” and the corruption and waste that occurs within.

We are calling for an end of all military occupations, interventions and belligerent activity that the United States and NATO participate in worldwide, often under the self serving guise of “liberation” or “humanitarian intervention.”

We are calling for an end to the militarization of the American police force.

We are calling for a repeal of the NDAA, the Patriot Act, FISA Act, and the closure of Guantanamo and all other secret rendition sites that violate international law.

We are calling for an end to the usage of drone attacks on foreign soil in both declared and undeclared wars.

We are calling for the fair treatment of all military veterans, the diagnosis of PTSD as an ailment worthy of full VA benefits.

We are calling for all charges against Private Bradley Manning to be dropped, and an end to the witch hunt that has been carried out against whistleblowers who expose the corrupt and illegal activities carried out in our names.

We are calling on the United States to respect the self determination of indigenous peoples. To this day, the American empire is contributing to the genocide of Indigenous peoples within its borders and around the world. We demand the recognition, observance and enforcement of all treaties and agreements freely entered into between indigenous nations and the United States — to recognize that indigenous peoples and nations are entitled to the permanent control and enjoyment of their aboriginal-ancestral territories. (Read: Occupy Denver’s endorsement of AIM’s Indigenous platform )

We are calling on the Empire to end the destruction of minority neighborhoods for the sake of new development and fair attention to the roads, sanitation and general upkeep of these neighborhoods.

We are calling for the fair treatment of immigrants and an end to undermining fair wages in the United States.

We are calling for reparations to be made to all victims of empire; the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and others who have been harmed by the American Empire’s undeclared wars and covert actions, and to the taxpaying citizens of this nation whose hard-earned wages were used to fund illegal wars and occupations.

We are calling for an end to 1.5 trillion dollars being spent yearly to maintain the American Empire, waging illegal wars and spying on American citizens under the guise of “security.” 1.5 trillion dollars of our resources are being used for profit and crimes against humanity by the corporate war machine. We demand our resources be reallocated to support our communities and the world.

Stop the Empire before it destroys us all.

Political protest at the first presidential debate will take place at Denver University on Wednesday October 3rd at 5:30 pm. A protest march will assemble at McWilliams Park (the corner of E. Yale Avenue & S. Steele Street).

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