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FEC Documents Reveal the Functional Center of Americans Elect: Wall Street Money

Meet the voters of Americans Elect. There are only three of them.

Voter #1: Michael Bloomberg. Voter qualification: $500,000 in Wall Street money.
Michael Bloomberg made billions of dollars selling high-priced infrastructure to Wall Street traders, allowing those gain unusually quick access to company information so they could make better trades and make more money than the average American.

Voter #2: Peter Ackerman. Voter qualification: $500,000 in Wall Street money.
Peter Ackerman made hundreds of millions of dollars as the right-hand man of Junk Bond King Michael Milken, the Wall Street big money investor who went to prison for 2 years for insider trading. His current net worth is undisclosed. Peter Ackerman became a voter with Americans Elect by putting up $500,000 of the proceeds.

Voter #3: Passport Capital. Voter qualification: $750,000 in Wall Street money.
Mitt Romney says “corporations are people,” and Americans Elect proves it by enfranchising the wealth management hedge fund firm Passport Capital Limited Liability Corporation as its third of three voters. Sure, Americans Elect asks the FEC to make the payment “attributable to” John Burbank the Third, but according to the FEC Passport Capital cut the check for $750,000.

In an exercise of closed-door democracy, these three representatives of Wall Street money voted unanimously to endorse Angus King for the open U.S. Senate seat in Maine. After the unanimous vote, money flowed quickly to Angus King through the following channels, including long-time Bloomberg campaign aides Douglas Schoen and SKDKnickerbocker:

Infographic Follow the Money From America's Wall Street Wealth through Americans Elect to Angus King

What about the thousands of official Americans Elect delegates and millions of other Americans who were promised “a true voice” in choosing Americans Elect candidates?

Christine Todd Whitman promising Americans Elect delegates that every American would have a true voice in picking Americans Elect candidates, March 2012

You can forget the springtime promises and pledges in the Official Bylaws and all that. The Official Bylaws are toilet paper. The new Official Enfranchised Voters gain their privileges by making six-figure donations. For the rest of you, your new title with Americans Elect is Chump. Your new role is to stand mutely and applaud. If you refuse to do that, don’t worry. The Americans Elect corporation will buy some stock footage of some other applauding Chumps.

Source: Federal Election Commission. Mirror available here.

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