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New Photo Evidence of Ring Proves Barack Obama’s Non-Christian Religion

POUGHKEEPSIE – The first round of photographs supplied by Jerome Corsi seeming to demonstrate Barack Obama’s true religion, inconclusive at best, have been supplanted by a new round of revelatory photos, conclusively demonstrating the alliance of the current “President of the United States” with a non-Christian religion.

The follow photo evidence, drawn straight from the White House image archive (date: 01-29-09), incontrovertibly establishes the religious affiliation of Barack “Soetoro” Obama:

Barack Obama Religious Ring Closeup #1

Barack Obama Ring Revealed: Closeup #2

Barack Obama Ring Closeup 3: The Religious Imagery on Barack Obama's Ring revealed.  Some kind of Islamic script?

Barack Obama Ring Photograph from White House Footage: Not Islamic Script After All!  Not Muslim Either!  Nothing to do with the Musselmen!  What is this strange religious script on Barack Obama's ring?

Barack Obama's Ring Revealed: An Engraving of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Upon it.  Oh, Waily Waily!

His Noodly Appendage has been revealed. All quail.

Why didn’t the liberal media at MSNBC tell us? I think you know the answer.

8 thoughts on “New Photo Evidence of Ring Proves Barack Obama’s Non-Christian Religion”

  1. Esteev says:

    I laughed, I cried, I converted to Islam!

  2. Bill says:

    I know it’s no fun if you have to explain it, but what’s “FSM”?

    1. eyeman says:

      You have enlightened me to discover the wonders of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Religion!!! To discover what inspires our Commander in Chief of Liberalism in his decision making, now brings me clarity and understanding!
      Thanks for setting me free to see why he is doing what he does in destroying our country and our image around the world.

  3. t ball says:

    I’m sure several idiots will be here soon to tell us this is just a cover up for his REAL beliefs.

  4. Chris says:

    That is clearly Photoshopped…lol.

  5. mike says:

    i dont believe you all dont have anything better to do than make up dumb crap. Photo shopping pictures. Wow! Dont worry you only have to put up with it for 4 mores years 🙂

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