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New Photo Evidence of Ring Proves Barack Obama’s Non-Christian Religion

POUGHKEEPSIE – The first round of photographs supplied by Jerome Corsi seeming to demonstrate Barack Obama’s true religion, inconclusive at best, have been supplanted by a new round of revelatory photos, conclusively demonstrating the alliance of the current “President of the United States” with a non-Christian religion.

The follow photo evidence, drawn straight from the White House image archive (date: 01-29-09), incontrovertibly establishes the religious affiliation of Barack “Soetoro” Obama:

Barack Obama Religious Ring Closeup #1

Barack Obama Ring Revealed: Closeup #2

Barack Obama Ring Closeup 3: The Religious Imagery on Barack Obama's Ring revealed.  Some kind of Islamic script?

Barack Obama Ring Photograph from White House Footage: Not Islamic Script After All!  Not Muslim Either!  Nothing to do with the Musselmen!  What is this strange religious script on Barack Obama's ring?

Barack Obama's Ring Revealed: An Engraving of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Upon it.  Oh, Waily Waily!

His Noodly Appendage has been revealed. All quail.

Why didn’t the liberal media at MSNBC tell us? I think you know the answer.

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