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Is Jill Stein A Muslim?!?

In the midst of the freakishly absurd brouhaha stirred up among conservative conspiracy theorists by the claim that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim because he wears a Muslim Shahadah ring, can anyone be free of the suspicion of clandestine Islamic taint? Everyone has some squiggles in their lives – squiggles that, when appearing in a blurry photograph and superimposed with additional squiggles from a smart phone device, might appear to be, if you jamble them up just right, appear to be Islamic script.

Let’s examine another presidential candidate, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, using the standard of right wing writer Jerome Corsi.

green party secret muslim conspiracyIs Jill Stein a Muslim? I have no idea, really, and I don’t care whether she is. But, if I adopt the conspiratorial perspective of Jerome Corsi for just a bit, I can begin to see the telltale signs of hidden Islamic identity.

Let’s start with the obvious. Jill Stein has squiggles in her life. Just as she became a candidate for President, Jill Stein took on a new hairstyle, a shorter one in which the hairs around her left ear curl in a particular, distinctive way. Why would she do that?

To the Jerome Corsi mind, the answer is obvious: She wanted to send a signal to Muslims around the world that she is one of their secret agents.

I have personally consulted a couple of experts who happen to hate Jill Stein and the Green Party, and they have provided me with a visual analysis of Jill Stein’s hair. They’ve found an Arabic script within it, shown by the red lines in the graphic you see here. They assure me that, when these red lines are rearranged, they form the second part of the Shahadah profession of Muslim faith: Muaammadur rasalu l-Lah, declaring that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Is it any coincidence that yesterday, Jill Stein gave a speech before the American Islamic Congress in Boston, Massachusetts? In Jerome Corsi’s mind, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Every squiggle is a sign that just so happens to confirm every pet prejudice that pops into Corsi’s mind.

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