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Obama’s Ring. Is THIS Arabic Script? Is THIS the proof that Barack Obama is Muslim?

World Net Daily is doubling down on the Obama-has-a-Muslim-ring claim. On WND the “investigator” Jerome Corsi declared two days ago that “according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.'”

Now World Net Daily is declaring that it has a secret and anonymous “Duke Professor” who has “confirmed” the ring is Muslim but has no name: “Reporter Billy Hallowell told Baker he spoke with a professor from Duke who read the article, examined the photos and affirmed the conclusion of the WND experts. ‘Based on what he saw, he said that this is, essentially, Arabic script on the ring and that it is the first part of the Shahada,’ Hollowell said. Hallowell pointed out the professor, who declined to be named, also cautioned that there is Islamic teaching that forbids wearing gold.”

Do you know what WND doesn’t provide? A clear, non-blurry, non-pixellated picture of the “Obama ring.” Instead, it provides this:

There is No God But Allah Obama Ring?  Only if you use a blurry, pixellated graphic.  Fact Check this image against another image below, providing much clearer verification of the non-Islamic nature of the ring.

Fact check it. Now. With your eyes. Just look at a clear close-up image of Barack Obama’s ring.

Barack Obama's Supposedly Muslim Ring, Close Up.  Just Lines and Wiggles

The supposed Islamic script is nowhere on it. It’s a wiggle. That’s all. Nothing else.

(Image source: Snopes)

(Sorry, WND, no link juice for you. Readers, if you want to find these phrases, please use Google. I apologize for the necessary inconvenience.)

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Ring. Is THIS Arabic Script? Is THIS the proof that Barack Obama is Muslim?”

  1. t ball says:

    Proof isn’t necessary for WND when their readers will see exactly what they hope to see. For a couple of years this “news” organization had a billboard up in Dallas that asked “Where Is the Birth Certificate?” Facts are not what they are about.

  2. tamerlane says:

    So many real secrets obama is hiding, but fools like WND keep chasing red herrings. They make Oliver Stone look like Sherlock Holmes.

  3. s says:

    Okay that is absolutely not arabic script! I read and write Arabic and that is nothing but some wavy lines. It looks like a a snake If you do not have any knowledge of arabic writing why do you post such nonsense? Even if it were Arabic script what is wrong with that?

    1. Ice Cold Troll says:

      Agree, it’s a serpent.

      1. Rachel of Cyberia says:

        That’s even worse! He’s a servant of SATANNNNNNN

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