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Atheists and Agnostics: Not Republicans, Not Democrats. Independents.

“Democrats are the Atheist Party,” declares the conservative Christian website Greene Opinion. This is a popular sentiment in conservative circles. Is it true?

Chapter 3 from Secularism and Secularity, a research volume published by Trinity College that describes results from the American Religious Identification Survey:

Party Political Preferences of Atheist, Agnostic and No Religion Groups -- Chapter 3 from Secularism and Secularity

Democrats make up a smaller share of atheists than the general population, and are not an appreciably different a share of agnostics and “no religion” Americans than the general population.

What political group makes up a disproportionately large share of atheists, agnostics and people who say they have “no religion”? Not Republicans. Not Democrats. Independents. The religiously independent are also politically independent.

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