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GlobalNoise, Occupy and other Movements join new Via22 movement of Monthly Demonstrations

Last year, massive protests in Arab countries and Europe sparked a wave of Occupy protests and encampments in the United States. That wave is not completely dissipated, but has continuing repercussions in national and international politics. Because the Occupy movement pointedly refused to articulate clear policy demands, most of its impact has been cultural, making it acceptable once again to express populism or question the actions of the economic elite.

A year later, a new organization called VIA22 is calling for “convergence” among far-flung social movement groups of the left, including the Occupy movement, Take Back the Square and GlobalNoise. The idea is to hold international discussions focused on local political demonstrations to occur on the 22th of every month in the hope that coordinated activity and communication will converge on common demands:

VIA22: Who are we?
VIA22 – a new international, open and horizontal, collective initiated in Montreal, Quebec – is launching monthly processes of local and global actions of convergence every 22nd of each month. These actions will take on the form constructed by local organisers, but, globally, all will manifest a common desire for convergence and unity.

People in Mexico, Spain, Mozambique, Senegal, Belarus, Croatia, England, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Greece, El Salvador, Chile and in the US have already expressed an interest in being a part of the movement. Join us in spreading the call as much as possible (translations are welcomed)!

What’s the idea?
The idea is to collectively acknowledge the need of a local/global dialogue. Also we want to stress the need that our marches and demonstrations become spaces for sharing knowledge about alternatives, and raise collective consciousness about the destructive world order imposed by the politico-economic hegemonic system, focusing on its impact on education, health, food security, security, freedom of expression or association, etc. We want to support and connect initiatives around the world and contribute to the dialogue between global and local.

To learn more about what’s actually going on today and in what’s planned for 22nds in the future, check out the #Via22 stream on Twitter.

If you think you’d like to participate in this effort, jump in at the Via22 website.

One thought on “GlobalNoise, Occupy and other Movements join new Via22 movement of Monthly Demonstrations”

  1. VIA22 says:

    Thanks for spreading the word! Here are some updates 😉

    Dear all,

    We are happy to offer updates from the #VIA22 initiative that was launched on Oct. 22nd and prepares for the next 22.

    Our network is growing! We have received positive feedback from people from Occupy in many countries (Americas, Europe and Asia), Take the Squares, Indignados, Global Noise, #Yosoy132, Y’en a marre and different organizations of the civil society. People in number countries have expressed the wish to participate of #VIA22 November.

    The idea of VIA22 is to propose a process of monthly actions of convergence between local and global, and to promote more and more spaces to share and create alternatives. We feel that we need to keep developing the links between cities and countries, and to improve our international communications. Our website ( explains more in detail the proposal, but we are totally open to collaborate to improve our message. The road may be long, but it is necessary … and we are creative! Thanks for your feedback!

    On Oct 22nd, Montreal and 3 cities in Mexico proposed VIA22 actions (more infos to come). Also, (for Spain) and (Edmonton-Canada) were created, please do not hesitate to get in touch with them! And also feel free to create your own email address, pages, and any other social media tool to keep this process growing!

    We held an international mumble meeting (with folks from Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Canada and the US). Minutes are here

    In that meeting we agreed on holding an “OPEN SPACE” (OS) session on November 22nd (4pm GMT). Our comrades from TTS have done this using Mumble in the past, for international meetings. We intend to carry over a virtual International OS about how we envision the collective International Process of Via22.
    (If you have never heard about OS, please visit this link and this video also explains the process

    ***NEXT INTERNATIONAL MEETING : We will be meeting again on Nov 3rd (4pm GMT) via mumble to talk about results, plans and get updates/feedback towards November 22nd. You are all welcome to join (and please share this invitation)! How to connect: channel: VIA22

    So, what happened on Oct 22nd #VIA22 in Montreal?
    Almost 30 people got identified by the police and fined in Montreal (almost 500$ each!), as we were protesting about the arrest of a photographer. But the overall experience was incredible, as we offered free food and organized an Open Space to collectively envision the process of VIA22 (specially about the need of sharing resources at a local and global level).

    Thanks for you interest, we hope you join in this innovative international process.

    More news soon!

    Solidarity and creativity

    via22global (@)
    Facebook :
    Twitter : @VIA22GLOBAL #VIA22

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