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Americans Elect Completes Violation of Promise, Spending $$ to Oppose and Support Candidates w/o Democracy

In its official IRS Form 990, the 501c4 corporation Americans Elect asserted its freedom from campaign finance restrictions by declaring that “Americans Elect does not and will not support or oppose any candidate or candidate committee.” Click the image for the full Internal Revenue Service document:

Americans Elect Form 990 Excerpt

Americans Elect broke the “will not support any candidate” part of that pledge earlier this month when it started swamping the state of Maine with hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertisements promoting the Senate campaign of Angus King, funded by Wall Street tycoons John Burbank III, Peter Ackerman and Michael Bloomberg.

On Sunday October 21, Americans Elect quietly filed notice with the Federal Election Commission that it had broken the “will not oppose any candidate” part of its pledge. Americans Elect is now directing its money into negative advertisements against Angus King’s opponent, Charlie Summers. Click on the image for the full FEC report:

Americans Elect spends thousands of dollars to oppose Charlie Summers' candidacy and promote Angus King's candidacy

Less than six months ago, Americans Elect was portraying itself as the last hope for democracy. But Americans Elect’s Wall Street tycoons directed this cash into the Maine Senate race without holding a single vote.

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect Completes Violation of Promise, Spending $$ to Oppose and Support Candidates w/o Democracy”

  1. Tom says:

    Their promises mean nothing. Corporate psychopaths use whatever means necessary to WIN at all costs whether it be regulations, laws, or opposition.
    This mirrors the US government’s actions in the world – beginning with the broken treaties with native American Indians through the killing of miners and labor union supporters all the way up to the present and our abrogation of torture restraint and the Constitution. We’ve been mislead, hi-jacked and shanghaied as a people into believing in some fairy tale, pie-in-the-sky America that doesn’t exist while the dirty work of assassination, torture, enslavement, degradation and abuse go on and on under our watch both home and around the world. Corporations and their psychopathic ways are destroying the planet like it destroyed our democracy.

    Last night, before the debate i saw the movie “Iron-Jawed Angels” about the women’s suffrage movement. It was inspiring and thrilling to see the kind of bravery these women had, putting their lives on the line – complete with arrest for “blocking traffic” (shades of the current Occupy breakup), force feeding in prison, and willingness to suffer and perhaps die for a cause (like some of the brave people trying to block the Keystone XL pipeline by sitting in trees along the way for extended periods of time). It’s too bad that we as a people couldn’t take to the streets of DC and big cities all over the country – and STAY THERE – until our democracy was restored. No. We’re too wrapped up in our daily lives and afraid to rock the boat and perhaps lose our jobs to do anything like that – and so here we are with illegal spying on all citizens, a dictatorial president via “signing statements” and the continuing destruction of our environment. Well, now that we’ve sat back for too long, we’re about to pay a high price for our complacency both environmentally and with respect to our own govenment and standard of living.

  2. tiradefaction says:

    “Moderate” Bloomberg again resorts to red baiting to smear an opponent.

  3. AE Transparency says:

    Meanwhile, a prime enabler of and apologist for Americans Elect’s charade of earlier this year and all of last, celebrated (and self-styled) ethicist, Harvard’s Larry Lessig, continues to maintain an iron wall of radio silence on his blog (where he last championed AE here) regarding how on earth he could have been so thoroughly duped by AE. Too busy, we suppose, promoting his numerous commencement addresses, his keynote at Sweden’s Internetdagarna 2012, yada yada yada. We think there’s an interesting and important discussion to be had here; too bad Lessig chooses not to re-engage it. After all, in the above-cited blog post Lessig assured us all: “Americans Elect has a neutrality policy: The org will not — indeed, given the structure of the organization as approved by the DC Circuit, cannot — endorse a candidate prior to the rules being run and a candidate being selected” [emphasis added]. As subsequent events have amply proven, he had no idea what he was talking about. That certainly warrants further discussion. We’re not interested in a mea culpa, but we would love to hear from a purportedly unbiased insider such as Lessig how the hell otherwise good men and women were chumped into letting this clusterf*ck happen, on their watch, and over their names.

    We never realized, until recently, that the old saw, “A doctor gets to bury his mistakes” also applies to JDs.

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