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Pete Peterson Coalition for “Civility” in Politics launches “Fuck The Debt” campaign

For some time now, billionaire Peter G. Peterson has been spending his money to create a network of differently named organizations, all with the same policy goal: ending or slashing dramatically back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and replacing them with private plans, conveniently administered by private entities, which of course would take a wee handler’s fee off the top.

The Can Kicks Back promotes Civility with a Fuck The Debt EventLet’s look at a few of those organizations. No Labels is a typical front organization funded by Peter G. Peterson and dedicated to “entitlement reform,” with Google returning more than 250 web pages featuring the phrase on the web server. From the beginning, No Labels has praised Pete Peterson and his ideas for cutting the “entitlements” of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Every one of the members of the Advisory Board for The Can Kicks Back is praised in glowing terms on the No Labels web page. Repeatedly, on more than 1200 web pages on the server, No Labels calls for “civility” in politics.

The Comeback America Initiative was founded through a direct funding from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Peter G. Peterson Foundation head David Walker “left” the Foundation to head up CAI. The two titular heads of The Can Kicks Back, Nick Troiano and Ryan Schoenike, were also the heads of the disastrously unpopular Draft Walker for President campaign. In repeated op-ed pieces, David Walker has termed agreeing with the Peter G. Peterson agenda as an exercise of “civility.”

The Concord Coalition is yet another organization operating thanks to funds from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Peter G. Peterson himself is its cofounder. The two heads of The Can Kicks Back, Nick Troiano and Ryan Schoenike, have service on the Concord Coalition Youth Advisory Board. The Concord Coalition has repeatedly referred to politicians agreeing with its proposals as an exercise in “civility.”

The Can Kicks Back promotes Civility with a Fuck The Debt EventThe latest of these Pete Peterson front organizations, thoroughly embedded in the Pete Peterson network, is called The Can Kicks Back. Its operating address, as disclosed in a pair of job postings by Nick Troiano, is 1899 L Street NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20036 (click image for complete view):

Confirmed: The Can Kicks Back Lives in the Same Office as the New America Foundation

That’s also exactly the same address as the New America Foundation, which is funded by… yes, you guessed it… the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and which also has the goal of…. yes, you guessed it… “entitlement reform.” The New America Foundation cloaks its desire for social security cuts in concerns about “civility”, too.

It’s also the exact same address as “Fix the Debt,” another typical Peterson-funded organization. Using euphemisms, Fix The Debt supports cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and sports the endorsement of dozens of executives of wealth investment corporations and hedge funds who think privatizing Social Security is a $piffy idea. Among these is John Burbank III, who lately has been dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into independent expenditures on a Senate race through Americans Elect. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation has representation on its steering committee, and Fix The Debt openly promotes The Can Kicks Back as if it were a separate organization. But the two aged cofounders of Fix The Debt are on the similarly aged six-member Advisory Board for The Can Kicks Back, an organization that says it’s a “grassroots” group of the millenial generation.

In his own relatively recent speech, Peter G. Peterson brought up the subject of cutting Social Security benefits at the same time he declared that “Politics in this democracy of ours has always been a tough business. We bemoan the loss of civility in our day.”

How is “The Can Kicks Back,” the latest same-address-new-name organization for the old Pete Peterson agenda, going to promote civility?

The Can Kicks Back promotes Civility with a Fuck The Debt EventWith a “Fuck the Debt” event, of course. Oh, my stars and garters. But fret not, bowtie-wearers: The Can Kicks Back doesn’t type out the words U, C, and K, which means that there will be a very civil, highly lubricated fucking of the debt. Besides, the event will be held at the exclusive Washington, DC City View Room two blocks from the White House with white tablecloths and good silverware and scenic balcony vistas and all. How can you possibly be uncivil with white tablecloths and good silverware? It’s definitionally impossible: white tablecloths and good silverware are the embodiment of good class. Pip, pip, fuck!

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