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IP, Dangerous Candy, and a 99% Billboard: Looking Back a Year

Sometimes, it’s useful to look backward for a sense of scale and perspective.

A year ago today, I S. 968 has gone nowhere.

A year ago today, a company called Epic Step promised to put up a big 99% Occupy billboard for free if 20,000 people would vote online in support of it. The effort stalled at 6,806 votes. The idea of Epic Step has stalled too, with no other billboard campaigns in the works as of today.

A year ago today, I asked whether anyone had found dangerous items in a Halloween bag. Nobody said they had (unless you counted an unwelcome religious tract). Sociologist Joel Best has challenged Americans to find one, just one, documented case of Halloween candy tampering. The challenge has been open for years: not one documented case has been found.

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