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Americans Elect Strikes Again with Halloween Spending on the Maine Senate Race

When it was trying to win the support of the American people, the corporation called Americans Elect made a pledge not to support or oppose any political candidate. It was a neutral player in the political system, Americans Elect told us; it was just trying to strengthen democracy. To that end, Americans Elect pledged that “All Delegates and persons registered to vote in Americans Elect have a fundamental right to fully and meaningfully participate in the business and affairs of Americans Elect without any monetary encumbrance.”

But after the little people who make up an actual democracy refused to fall in line behind the Americans Elect corporate office, Americans Elect left the little people behind. At the beginning of October 2012, Americans Elect broke its promise, spending money to support Senate candidate Angus King. No vote was held on the issue. Delegates weren’t even informed of the action. Only three people were involved in the decision: billionaire Wall Street tycoon Michael Bloomberg, multimillionaire Wall Street player John Burbank the Third, and multimillionaire Wall Street player Peter Ackerman.

Americans Elect didn’t stop with one such action. They did it again the following week.

Then they did it again.

Then, yes, they did it again.

A few days ago, they did it again.

Yesterday, as the moon rose for Halloween, Americans Elect made its latest expenditure, producing another television advertisement promoting the candidacy of Angus King for Senate.

Americans Elect held no votes on the issue. Americans Elect didn’t solicit input from its delegates. Americans Elect didn’t even inform its delegates of the action.

When Americans Elect makes its next pivot and starts making some big new promises, remember how the corporation treated its old promises.

2 thoughts on “Americans Elect Strikes Again with Halloween Spending on the Maine Senate Race”

  1. Bill says:

    Mark your calendar, Jim…on Nov. 15th AECorp’s 2011 Form 990 is due!

    As if I needed to remind you of that….

    1. Jim Cook says:

      With no more permissible extensions, either. I’m waiting for it.

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