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Leaders of Corporate-Gifted Super PAC Americans Elect Attack (Yes) Corporate Gifts and Super PACs

The political corporation called Americans Elect has made the act of getting sillier, and sillier, and sillier look like an art form. The latest act of Americans Elect is gallery-worthy.

Last week, Americans Elect leaders Doug Bailey (Unity08 cofounder and Americans Elect candidate recruiter) and Les Francis (Americans Elect Board of Advisors) wrote an editorial in which they declared their intention to reawaken Americans Elect for the presidential election season of 2016.

Why Americans Elect? What cure for nasty American politics can Americans Elect possibly bring to the table in 2016? Here’s the the cure Bailey and Francis articulate:

It seems inevitable that after this election — unless the victors show the necessary imagination and guts — that another independent effort will be renewed and essential for 2016…. Just imagine: A ticket in the middle that runs only positive ads like this:

“You won’t see many of these ads from us because we have ruled out all corporate gifts and super PAC sabotage of our democracy. We believe that we can make the American Dream real again for all our people by recognizing that we are all in this together and must work together to meet the challenges facing our nation.”

Americans Elect isn’t a Super PAC? Read the definition of Super PAC here: an “independent expenditure-only” group to which corporations and individuals can make unlimited contributions. Americans Elect accepted $1.75 million in unregulated money from just three people, all Wall Street tycoons. It’s been spending the money on independent expenditures to support the Senate campaign of Angus King and to oppose the Senate campaign of Charlie Summers. Americans Elect fits the definition of a Super PAC to a tee.

Americans Elect has ruled out all corporate gifts? $750,000 of Americans Elect’s $1.75 million windfall came in the form of a check written from the account of a hedge fund corporation called Passport Capital.

It would take a lot of guts to be a corporate beneficiary Super PAC condemning corporate beneficiary Super PACs…

… except that hardly anyone seems to notice or care any more. Americans Elect will have no reason to stop railing against corporate Super PACs while being one of them, not until its falsehood carries a price.

One thought on “Leaders of Corporate-Gifted Super PAC Americans Elect Attack (Yes) Corporate Gifts and Super PACs”

  1. AE Transparency says:

    What strikes us as the most absurd thing about the Bailey/Francis opinion piece was this sentence: “While Americans Elect was well on its way to obtaining ballot access in all 50 states, and was preparing to hold an online convention of hundreds of thousands of voters (perhaps even millions) to select that bipartisan ticket, no major, credible candidates emerged.”

    This nicely illustrates the hubris which insured AECorp’s failure the first time, and will insure it once more (should it be so unwise as to raise its head back out of the sewer to get kicked again). “No major, credible candidates emerged?” They just never got it…and they still don’t get it…that it is the job of voters to determine who is “major” and “credible”…not the job of an anonymous ‘Candidate Certification Committee’, nor the job of AECorp’s sugardaddy, Pete Ackerman. AECorp turned off the members of its target market, in droves, because it insisted on restricting to its secret inner circle the sole right to decide which candidates were “major” and “credible.” So the voters voted with their feet, refusing to participate in AECorp’s pretend-primary.

    What the above-quoted sentence really means is: “Damn it, Pete’s buddy, Mike Bloomberg, wouldn’t commit to us, so we had to shut down the primary before we accidentally nominated some down-market ass-hat like Buddy Roemer or Ron Paul. You just can’t find good help anymore.”

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