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Americans Elect Paradox: No Turning Back. More to Do. We’re Dissolving and Selling Our Assets.

On page 12 of Americans Elect’s Mission Report, Americans Elect CEO Kahlil Byrd clearly indicates that Americans Elect will be continuing its activities:

Kahlil Byrd: Americans Elect Has More to Do

"With this first phase, Americans Elect did not get all that we wanted. We have made a good start -- thinking through and acting on the activity of bringing the nominating process and elected leaders closer to the people, and opening up the doors to the change necessary to win this battle overall.

The AE community will in no way turn back now. More to do.

Kahlil Byrd

But 66 pages in to the Mission Report (not yet scanned in, but see photos here), Americans Elect declares:

"On June 26, 2012, the Organization’s Board of Directors approved a plan of dissolution, which they expect to complete by December 31, 2012. Management’s plans concerning these matters are also discussed in Note 1 to the financial statements."

And a few pages later, Americans Elect reiterates:

"On June 26, 2012, Americans Elect’s Board of Directors approved a plan of dissolution. Americans Elect expects to complete the dissolution of the organization by the end of 2012. Americans Elect’ assets, including its intellectual property and brand, will be sold, transferred and/or distributed as approved by the Board. Individuals or organizations who obtain such assets may use those assets to further and/or expand Americans Elect’s original mission."

No Turning Back. More to Do. Dissolving and Selling Our Assets by Christmas.

How do you make sense of this paradox?

6 thoughts on “Americans Elect Paradox: No Turning Back. More to Do. We’re Dissolving and Selling Our Assets.”

  1. Korky Day says:

    I suspect they’re going to form a successor group and sell to them.
    They don’t have catchy name or a good reputation now, anyway.
    The new group can hire me and thus ensure their success for their 3rd time around.

  2. Ron rambles says:

    No labels to American Elect .. another re-incarnation.. Middlecrats in the on deck circle.

  3. Bill says:

    They’re baaack….

  4. Ralph says:

    I think the apparent paradox hinges on the distinction between the Americans Elect “community” (Kahlil Byrd), and the Americans Elect “organization” (mentioned in the note about the vote of dissolution).

    By the “community,” Byrd seems to be talking about himself and his friends–the original Unity 08/Unity 12/Americans Elect insiders. He almost certainly doesn’t mean the little rank-and-file people who took the time to donate small sums and give personal information on the promise that they would be able to vote in a convention that never happened. Even if those people didn’t want to turn back, they weren’t given much choice.

    The vote by the Board of Directors to dissolve the “organization” seems to indicate that a number of insiders wanted to wash their hands of it. The last-minute use of Americans Elect to funnel Wall Street money to candidates seems like the kind of opportunistic moves you see when an organization falls apart.

    It may seem paradoxical, but it’s pretty consistent with what we’ve seen from Unity 08/Unity 12/Americans Elect right from the start–a few rich, powerful guys who feel like they can play fast and loose with oganizations, rules, paid staffs, volunteers, and the little rank and file guys.

  5. Korky Day says:

    For all their drawbacks, they are still no worse than the Duopoly, so I would have loved to see their highest-vote-getter debate Obama and Romney.

  6. mbelleville says:

    They are re-incarnated in the organization “Fix the Debt”

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