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Despite Mega Media Connections, The Can Kicks Back “Viral” Video Can’t Actually Go Viral

The Can Kicks Back is an paper-front organization that describes itself to the public as a “grassroots” campaign of “Millenials” but was actually started by a core group of rich old white men. It acts as if it is independent but actually occupies the office space held by “The Campaign To Fix The Debt” and The New America Foundation, both of which are funded by the billionaire Peter G. Peterson, aka Pete Peterson.

For years now, Peter G. Peterson has worked to create the appearance that large numbers of Americans actually want to tax poor people more and tax rich people less while slashing social security, medicare and medicare benefits. What’s the policy position of The Can Kicks Back? Read it here:

“Reforms to all areas of the budget should be included. The plan should:
– Reform Medicare and Medicaid, improve efficiency in the overall health care system, and limit future cost growth;
– Strengthen Social Security, so that it is solvent and will be there for future beneficiaries; and
– Include comprehensive and pro-growth tax reform, which broadens the base, lowers rates, raises revenues, and reduces the deficit.”

In the language of Washington:
“Broaden the base” equals tax poor people more.
“Pro-growth tax reform” equals tax rich people less.
“Reform Medicare and Medicaid,” “limit future cost growth,” and “Strengthen Social Security, so that it is solvent,” equals slash social security, medicare and medicare benefits.

One asset that billionaire Pete Peterson “The Can Kicks Back” has in spades is insider connection to the news media, which is why the billionaire organization was able to get mention of its YouTube video mentioned in all of the following outlets within a matter of hours of one another:

ABC News
CBS News
The Atlantic
United Press International
USA Today
Washington Post
Denver Post
The Daily Caller
Huffington Post
Comedy Central
The Hill
Business Insider
The Blaze
Digital Journal
The Billings Gazette
Policy Mic

Either all of these reporters, all of a sudden, just happened to hit upon the same YouTube video and independently decide that it made an important news story they had to write about right now, just after the video was produced, or billionaire Pete Peterson “The Can Kicks Back” is pulling some strings.

Those last two sources — Examiner and Policy Mic — claim that the video is going “viral.” Really? Viral?

It’s fact-check time. Here’s my screen cap of the number of views of the video after the publication of all these major-outlet stories:

Alan Simpson, Gangnam Style, Shilling for Billionaire Pete Peterson and the Peterson Front organization calling itself The Can Kicks Back.

323 views. That’s all that the 24 news stories someone massaged into being could produce. 7.5% of those views were by the reporters who wrote the story — if they watched the video at all before promoting it upon request their own independent initiative.

After enough newspapers, magazines and news channels on TV promote this video, it may get a higher number of viewers, but that’s wouldn’t reflect a “viral” process either. A viral video spreads spontaneously from person to person who thinks it’s amazing. Before anyone starts talking about it, it’s been engineered to appear repeatedly in the corporate mass media. It isn’t now, and won’t ever be, viral.

The video is not viral because the concept of cutting social security, medicare and medicaid is not viral.
The video is not viral because the concept of “broadening the base” by taxing more poor people is not viral.
The video is not viral because the concept of “pro-growth” tax cuts for the rich is not viral.

None of this is viral. You, being a normal sane individual who talks to other normal sane individuals, know none of this is viral. But a billionaire and the front group he funded into existence are betting that if they keep using their connections to insert this stuff into news, and if they keep calling it “Millenial” or “grassroots” or “viral,” Representative Hosenpants and Senator Billingsworth will believe it’s viral — and if they believe it, they’ll make it happen.

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