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Americans Elect Sells Itself within the next 9 Days. Who’s Buying?

Despite its repeated call for donations, Americans Elect never really had its hands on that much actual money. One man, the self-appointed Americans Elect Chairman Peter Ackerman, apparently donated $8 million to get the group started. But as the corporation’s recently disclosed Form 990 reveals, despite paying $1,118,598 million in fundraising fees Americans Elect only gathered $248,480 in donations during the entire year of 2011. At the end of 2011, Americans Elect was $28.7 million dollars in debt — and as you can see from reviewing this thread, Americans Elect only went downhill from there.

After its envisioned privatized presidential bid failed due to a lack of popular support, Americans Elect circulated a Mission Report to its lenders and advisors. That Mission Report reveals plans for the in-hock Americans Elect to sell itself off before December 31, 2012. Within the next 9 days, someone will be the new owner of the Americans Elect and its assets — which include a database of personal information about the thousands of Americans who signed up to participate as Americans Elect delegates.

Who’s buying?

One thought on “Americans Elect Sells Itself within the next 9 Days. Who’s Buying?”

  1. Bill says:

    OMG, I answered those hundreds of questions randomly. I’m gonna look like a psycho to the new owners.

    I hope they sell their database to the Tea Party. I hardly ever get mail from crazy people anymore.

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