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Confessore: Fix the Debt and The Can Kicks Back led by Powerful Moneyed Interests

As the professed “Millenial” lobby shop “The Can Kicks Back” and its not-at-all-Millenial parent organization “Campaign to Fix The Debt” talk about the importance of cutting corporate tax rates, slashing health care spending and rolling back social security benefits for “the sake of the country,” reporter Nicholas Confessore discovers that the organizations’ leaders “are also lobbyists, board members or executives for corporations that have worked aggressively to shape the contours of federal spending and taxes, including many of the tax breaks that would be at the heart of any broad overhaul.”

As these lobby shops talk of broad national interests, watch for the articulation of very particular interests. “For the sake of the country” = “For the sake of me.”

2 thoughts on “Confessore: Fix the Debt and The Can Kicks Back led by Powerful Moneyed Interests”

  1. Dave says:

    Jim, what do you think of If a rich guy or corporation great or small spends a thousand times what I do this year, they pay a thousand times the taxes. Sounds good to me.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      I don’t know what to think of that, to tell you the truth. One feature that strikes me is that it promotes wealth hoarding by wealthy individuals and corporations.

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