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David Vitter Tries To Push America Backwards On Climate Change

I’ve been watching in dismay as the 113th Congress poses and postpones in avoidance of any significant legislation to finally take action to confront the growing crisis of climate change.

This week, we have legislation from Louisiana U.S. Senator, David Vitter, that tackles the need for regulation of emissions of carbon dioxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas. Vitter’s legislation tackles the need for regulation, and shoves its face into the mud.

david vitterS. 107, introduced by Senator Vitter this week, would outlaw any regulation of carbon emissions.

David Vitter wants to take the climate crisis that’s already fouling and eroding the coast of Louisiana, and make it worse. Why?

Senator David Vitter has taken over a million dollars from the oil and gas industry – and that’s not even counting the nod-and-wink cash from oil companies that’s been spent on his behalf through independent expenditures. What’s good for the profits of oil and gas companies is good for the bank accounts of David Vitter as well.

One thought on “David Vitter Tries To Push America Backwards On Climate Change”

  1. Tom says:

    How much more backward can we get than full steam ahead with fracking, fossil fuel use and ignoring the entire problem by our fearless emperor in chief? People are in for a rude awakening in the next few years. We’ve already seen the direction it’s going with the tornado swarms, huge fires, persistent drought in our breadbasket states (to the point that the Colorado and Mississippi Rivers are drying up) and flooding in other areas, not to mention superstorm Sandy that we STILL haven’t recovered from! How is this climate going to change for the better when we continue doing the same business as usual with regard to fossil fuel use, and actually increasing our CO2 output each year (even though we’re in a recession)? Now that we’ve kicked in the methane vents, melting tundra and permafrost areas, drought in the Brazilian rainforest, and continue to spray toxic nanochemicals into the air as “cloud seeding” we can only reasonably expect things to get ever worse. So when we can’t grow enough food or find any source of fresh water, maybe then our “leaders” will get the message.

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