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Is The Obamacare Microchip Apocalypse Almost Upon Us?

During the 2012 presidential election, News With Views, a web site that claims to be “where reality shatters illusion” claimed to have discovered that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known in Republican circles by the shorthand title Obamacare, will force all Americans to be injected with a trackable RFID microchip by March 23, this year. According to News With Views, this microchip, known as the Medchip, is authorized by the following language in the health care reform law:

satanic microchip"“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable."

It’s now less than two months before the supposed March 23, 2013 deadline for all Americans to get a government microchip implanted underneath their skin, and the rumors are running wild among birthers, truthers, preppers, and end timers. Are they right to be afraid?

Two things are key to evaluating this story:

1. The legislative language (shown above) that News With Views claims will require all Americans to accept an RFID chip in the next few weeks actually doesn’t say anything about creating a massive RFID implantation program. It would merely create a system for the evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of certain medical devices, including implantable devices.

2. The legislative language isn’t actually in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Search the text of the law yourself. You won’t find any mention of a national medical device registry.

This story, like so many other right wing stories about satanic socialist plots that link Barack Obama to the beginning of an End Times war between the forces of evil and righteousness, is completely without basis in fact.

But then, I’m a liberal. Maybe I’m part of the conspiracy.

There’s one way to test that theory. Come back here on March 24, 2013. If everyone you know has had a government RFID chip forcefully implanted, let us know.

160 comments to Is The Obamacare Microchip Apocalypse Almost Upon Us?

  • John

    Those durn federals are gonna track medical devices to monitor which are safe??? Is that even constitutional? And won’t the Market decide which devices are good and which are bad?

    • Why does the “durn” federal government have to test electronic devices, as John says, above? Because it’s paying for them in veterans, etc. Why not let the market make decisions? This IS how the market decides: by tracking how they work and deciding which are the best models. What would you prefer, to let people die of faulty pacemakers and then count heads?

  • John Bradley

    > There’s one way to test that theory. Come back here on March 24, 2013. If everyone you know has
    > had a government RFID chip forcefully implanted, let us know.

    I think that should be ” If anyone you know…”

  • Mark

    Of course, we won’t even be aware of the implantation. Special agents will be breaking into all of our homes under cover of night, drugging us, and implanting the devices. None of us will have any memory of the event. Most of us probably already have these devices implanted and don’t even know it. Have you seen a bruise or cut anywhere on your body recently, but you don’t have any idea how you got it??

    Lack of any evidence that this program exists is all the proof you really need.

  • marge

    meds are being made with chips in them/they say to monitor if patient is taking them as prescribed/ect

  • john

    WOW, this one takes the cake. Anyone who truly believes this is a complete IDIOT


      Anyone who truly believes the country is improving in the hands of Barack Obama is a complete idiot.


      The country unravels before your eyes and you don’t believe it?

      • Is Rhode Island dangling off of Martha’s Vineyard?

      • Anonymous hasnt a clue as ALL IMPERICAL DATA SAYS YES YOU MORON< WE ARE BETTER OFF, Dow all time highs, corporate profits all time highs, home foreclousers at 6 years lows ,new housing construction at 6 year highs, Deficet is shrinking, new spending is at 50 year lows, un employment claims at 6 year lows, Iraq was is finnally being paid for (As Bush shafted Obama with the bill) Iraq war is over, Afghanastan will be over next year, Bin Laden is dead, Top 100 terrorists as determined by GWBush ALL DEAD I could go on and on ,See your a fool who speaks in hyperbole and opinion , I speak with facts and data!! That's called proof, did I mention that the economy has grown for 45 straight months!! Continue to watch Fox and Glen Beck , He needs all the stupid factless idiots he can get!!

    • Shannon

      Are you serious john!!? This shit is already happening!! Wake up America!! Read!! Read!! What happened to the 20 people who were witnesses of the 9/11 who all died before they had to witness to what they seen that day!! Wake up ppl!! This is just the beginning…..

      • And what happened to the 20 smurfs who *never were allowed to appear* on the David Letterman show on June 20, 2011? Look at the footage for that day for ironclad proof! NO SMURFS! NO SMURFS were allowed to appear on the David Letterman show on June 20, 2011! The conspiracy widens!

  • Paul

    The issue is not what can be done now, it is what it can evolve into. Look at Social Sec. The IRS etc.

  • ???

    John. I Don’t believe this. But Obama? Umm… You just made a wrong mistake. People want to hide their secrets but now with those chips thing… That’s a cruel thing. I have read in the bible that it is a Mark Of the Beast. why Obama you did this ;(

  • riley

    ummmm listen people we live in a free country may i remind you we don’t live in a communist country the government cant just force-ablely stick a chip in us just saying anyone who even tries sticking a chip in me is going to witness my right to bare arms and if this is the mark of the beast and the world is ending christains don’t worry we hav GOD

  • riley

    ummmm listen people we live in a free country may i remind you we don’t live in a communist country the government cant just force-ablely stick a chip in us just saying anyone who even tries sticking a chip in me is going to witness my right to bare arms and if this is the mark of the beast and the world is ending christains don’t worry we hav GOD

    • amy

      All the chip is going to do is cause a riot and if this is supposed to be a free country then why do they even get the right to even try to put a chip in us this whole thing is redelicious slavery ended a long time ago and they are trying to bring it back it seems and make a slave out of everyone I think we as the people have a right to say we refuse the chip cuz we live in the land of the free

    • Anonymous

      we are nw living in d communist country.

    • Anonymous

      well god is in heaven why don’t you stfu and go see him and quit your preaching bullshit about nothing that is down here with us… if there is a satan he is the lord of earth right now and you should fucking respect your god’s decission to make him lord and quit with all this righteous judgemental bs that seperates everyone in this country because you don’t just love your family and friends that are the citizens of this country… just the ones who have christ…. that is evil as fuck go die

  • Jessica Oliver

    i dont think that we should get that its stupid we are doing just fine were we are now im not going to get that idc if they make me or not

  • Dawn Duncan

    it isn’t going to happen that quickly, and the idea of the chip is that at some point, because the government KNOWS they won’t be able to collectively force the entire country to voluntarily accept the chip, they will make it so we will be unable to buy, sell, or conduct any kind of business without this chip, thereby effectively “forcing” us to accept the chip “voluntarily” — it’s just a matter of time now.

    • Ylee

      Thats exactly right!

    • So, what you’re saying is that there is no actual plan. It’s just science fiction at this point.

    • BERNY

      a marxist / dictatorship leader lets impeach him before he has our entire country looking like the slums . His job will not be finished until we are no longer free living in a marxist communist state . all you who voted for him were too blind to the fact that he does not acknowledge the constitution . When sworn in both times he lied saying he will support and defend the constitution . why then is he trying to take them away from us ? obamacare already violates the 6th , the 12th , the 16th and th 24th ammendments of the constitution . so why the is he trying to take away the 2nd , the 5th and more ?????????

    • Anonymous

      I like your thinking, it been told in Prophecy exactly as you said it x

    • Sheerice

      Precisely, I’ve known about this for many years now & it’s only a matter of it. Say No To That Mark, By Leighton D. Smith. I know who will starve to death because I won’t be taking it (deep sigh) & looking up to The Most High God -_-

  • Arrow

    End is coming closer, Times are moving toward the violent, unbelievable acts, Its time to stay close as possible to God.

  • Doesn't matter what my name is

    Everything they put on the Internet is true…lol

  • Chris

    I don’t know if this is true or not. Nothing to do with the bible or the mark of the beast, I just don’t want a fucking chip in me so they can monitor me. I have a right to my privacy. My son is to be born on March 24th. I guarantee the only way they will be putting this into his had is over my dead cold corpse. Someone tries to put a chip in my son they’re getting a bullet in their head. I’m not fucking around with this nonsense.

  • david

    i had already known about this for the longest time my father told me about all of the FEMA related things and he had brought up something about a chip back in 2011 and now it is going to happen the govornment is the devil, OBAMA IS THE DEVIL


    A micro chip inserted under the skin ….hmmmm sounds familiar in away except Hitler used tattooed numbers . if this isn’t a dictatorship / marxist state i don’t know what is .

    • BERNY

      another way the marxist goverment is trying to take control of our every move . However no need to worry some 14 year old will discover a way to decode it so they can’t track our every move

    • Except, of course, for the simple fact that it isn’t happening.

      Who do you personally know who has had a microchip implant forced upon them by the Obama Administration, Berny? Where is your evidence?

  • Bill

    People, take my word for it: there is absolutely nothing to fear from the coming Obamachip. I got mine a couple of weeks ago (I’m a beta tester) and I can tell you that its software was developed by Microsoft, which means that it is prone to crash and needs to be manually re-booted daily, and it’s constantly trying to connect to the internet to download security updates. It’s a pain in the butt, actually. Just another waste of God-fearing taxpayers’ money. Though you do get 10% off at Starbucks when they scan it.


      Good luck to you when you eventually die and see the gates of Heaven closed to you. The mark of the beast will be taken in the forhead or in the RIGHT HAND. I’m trying my best to put the 666 together. I’ve already got the first: B-A-R-A-C-K

      • Sorry bible misquoter” The forehead AND RIGHT HAND!! But shit form brains , this chip is neither and did you read the artical?? No a$$hole you didnt. Obama care has nothing to do with this chip scare, Its a GOP scare tatic for idiots who dont read! There is a registry for data and thats all that Obamacare has to do with any of this! Show me where in the AHCA it states anything about a CHIP, The Republipukes knew that your type was stupid enough to pander to fear! The Only ‘CHIP’ IN THE AHCA. is “CHIP” CHILDRENS HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM!!! Hate to kill your stupid conspiracys with facts!!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck That chip! Now your marked. Ill starve, they will have to kill me, and noone is putting a chip in my kids. I pray God comes and takes them away so they donf suffer. But there will be NO CHIP placed in Our family. I said he was the antichrist from the beginning. And i do believe in God but i dont go to church due to alot of people are hypocrits. But even I wasnt blind to the antichrist. Not to mention our constitution being ripped from us. The people that voted for him are the blind ones. Alot of them said they voted for him cause he was black thats it. Thats the stupidity of alot of people. Voting cause of race. Look where that got us people. Should have been smart enough to vote by what the person stands for.

    • amy

      if u really did recieve it than u r one of the ones so far who has recieved the mark of the beast it is all in the great book The BIBLE. u should have read it first bcuz now u r doomed. i will die b4 i get that microchip bcuz i do believe in almighty GOD. N I SEEK SALVATION. U WILL B IN MY PRAYERS ALTHOUGH THAT WILL NOT SAVE U KNOW. IF I WUZ U I WOULD HAVE IT REMOVED N ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. AND HOPE THAT IS ENOUGH.

      • Anonymous

        Okay really people get a life we are all free it hasn’t happen yet its nearly the end of April 2013. AND IF IT DOES ILL BE SHOOTIN TA FUCKERs up with a mk-47 i wnt get a chip in me at all.
        i may be Christian yet i also believe in fighting for my rights as a human that GOD gave me…. and so should you don’t live in fear train and be prepared to fight back what’s been takin and pray to god…

  • O foolish americans! How can u vote him the 2nd time when he has plan to implant on you the mark of hell? March 23, 2013(333) on the way, stop d man, stop d mark. Do sometin.ONE LOVE FROM AFRICA

    • You’re referring to Marco Rubio, right?


      Talk to senior citizens: they are for the most part anti-Obama. They have lived long enough to know how the world works and to sense trouble coming. Look at someone who votes for the first time: immoralilty and biblical abominations are being accepted as “normal”. The BRAINWASHING has begun and it won’t take the whole next four years to carry it out.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you’re right! We should go back to following the Bible word for word! Let’s bring back slavery! Let’s kill women who aren’t virgins on their wedding night! And of course, women have no rights, seeing as they are the property of men!
        I really hope the what you psychotic Bible-thumpers call the End Days does take place soon. Then I won’t have to listen to anymore of this religious rhetoric bullshit anymore.
        One man talks to an imaginary person and they call him crazy. Millions of people talk to an imaginary person and they call it religion.

  • anonymous

    honestly it doesn’t matter if obama wasn’t the second term president.. people need to realize that they will put in office who they please.. if they’d like to alter the votes, they will.. plain and simple. hence why i dont ever care to vote. they’re all crooks and liars and democrat and republican gives two parties false hope for a better future. THEY WILL DO WHAT THEY PLEASE.

  • Thanks for the update. My research reveals the very same conclusions, as I have written about in my blog. Of course when nobody DOES receive a microchip in March, the conspiracy theorists among us will congratulate themselves for being vigilant and defeating the plan!

  • kiran

    dear precious friend, pls don’t accept that chip…really that’s against GOD…just trust JESUS & oppose that Obama’s evil plot…stand firm for the LORD JESUS CHRIST as Daniel & his friends, so even in the middle of fire JESUS is standing with you to save you…JESUS loves you so much…with much love & prayers, yours affectiinately in JESUS CHRIST, kirancompanion

  • stand up

    Listen people… stop worrying about if it’s going to happen or not. What u need to think about its that we live with blinders on. The government is only as strong as we let them be. Military forces are not even 1% of this nation. If agents or military personnel start breaking into OUR homes it’s because we let them. Stand up for yourself and what u believe in. Don’t let this shit happen. If u do it’s your own fault. We the civilians are who can stop this nonsense. Stop the organized dictatorship we live in today……THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • Cierra

      I was just about to say the same thing! WE all pretty much outnumber the government and military. If anything crazy was going to happen like that, then we all need to take charge and fight. However, I almost think it’s all too convenient that the government was trying to ban firearms, and now THIS suddenly occurs…? Hmm kinda makes you wonder.

  • Amy Crouse

    All the chip is going to do is cause a riot and if this is supposed to be a free country then why do they even
    get the right to even try to put a chip in us this whole
    thing is redelicious slavery ended a long time ago and
    they are trying to bring it back it seems and make a
    slave out of everyone I think we as the people have a
    right to say we refuse the chip cuz we live in the land of the free at least that’s what I was taught growing up we are own people and we are doing just fine without the chip so why do we need it now we deserve to say we don’t want it and we don’t need it!!!!

    of the free

  • Dustin

    If that chip is to signify the mark of the beast then in the end every one will be forced to have one those who don’t get the implant will be executed. Or put into special camps because we don’t fit into obamas plan without the chip wait you’ll see the next 3 yrs or so it’s all going to get ugly. So which side are you goin to be on Obama or our lord GODS I know what side I’m on and it’s not obamas.

    • If flying monkeys descend from the sky then everyone will be forced to wear very tall fuzzy hats, even in the summer. So which side are you on, the Wicked Witch’s or Dorothy’s?

    • I’m sorry, Dustin, but when you write about “that chip”, what chip are you referring to? The chip that no one has been able to find any evidence of, proving that it even exists? You trip down a very long a twisted trail of paranoia based upon a single premise that doesn’t even appear to be real.

      If I were to tell you that you must beware of the Smudge Of The Critter, and that if you get smudged, you’ll be forced to watch Katy Perry concerts in Alabama, would you believe that, too?

  • As Many Christians will tell you You have nothing to fear if you have the mark of God in your minds; read Ezekiel 9:4, Rev 13:16-18 tells about the mark, but as Christians we know not to take the Mark as we are comdemning ourselves to hell, Rev 14:9 warns about taking the mark, Rev 15:2 Says we shall have victory over the beast, Rev 16:2 and Rev 19:20 tells what will happen to those who take the mark. So I advise all not to take the mark. If anybody tells you or makes you to take the mark they are putting themselves right into hell. It’s all in the Holy Bible read it for yourselves. We hope and pray none of you takes the mark.
    God Bless
    Pastors Ken & Deb Brown

    • So then, if you have a piece of paper, you don’t let anyone write on it, for fear of marks? Are you against painting for this same reason?

      Which beast are you going to have victory over? The warthog? The squirrel?

  • brian flanders

    There is no God!

    • Anonymous

      Yes there is. Wake up. I will pray for you my friend.

      • elijahx

        I think he is saying there is a god, or he would have said “there isn’t a god”. Kind of like saying “I don’t know nothing” which would imply I do know something. But then we (you and I) know there isn’t a god, because we know there is THE GOD. One and only. Not one of many. On the day “they” bow their heads and confess Jesus is Lord, then they will know. Until then, stand firm!

    • Anonymous

      If there isno God, how come you’re alive?

  • People come to Zimbabwe we’re free. Never take the chip. i’m black but obama is getting out of hand. the mark of hell…

  • Lol

    F.G Fitzer, seems like everyone else understands what we’re talking about.
    I think you need to go to Elementary school again. 😀

    • Why? Do they teach about crazy paranoid illiterate conspiracy theories in elementary school? The elementary school I went to didn’t have that class.

      Lol, what ARE you talking about? Are you talking about the microchip which, the conspiracy theory says, is going to be implanted in every single American within the next 6 days? Are you talking about the two thousand year old zombie which, the conspiracy theory says, is going to return to wage war and rule the world?

      Be explicit with your insanity, please, and then I can respond to it with precision.

  • will banda


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see them put a chip in me

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see them put a chip in me

    They will not secede

  • Anonymous

    what type of chips are they putting in us i hope its a hot chettos chip

  • will banda

    fitzer if u dont believe dont think that by your dull reasoning you will make us change never-u an atheist? u doomed to the agony of burning sulphur unless you believe in GOD through CHRIST-cheers!

  • Pero

    If any one who truly, or strongly believe this is been illustrated as the (MOST idiot the world ever seen)

  • ????

    God is coming regardless if the mark of the beast is this chip. Watch and be ready.

  • deRei

    why are y’all worried bout nothn?for every man is free to his conscience and convictions.GOD will deliver us.

  • everyone here listen, no matter what happens what you are told(lies) the people of thi country need to stick together, dont be scared of what is happening us, the people need o fight together and end all this bull shit we can and will do what has to be done, ont give up and do not step down millions of us are in it together and the government will trick u into believing there is only a fewof you left fighting…just note to self you are not alone the true ppl of the us will be there and some of the other countries will have our back…please just help one another get through this we as a group can win do not ever bow down to something thats not right…thanks and good luck to us all, may God be with us!

  • Anonymous

    They cannot succeed in Jesus name, Amen.. I cannot be alive to receive the chip..

  • Anonymous

    I will kill them if they try to force the chips on Christians..

  • Anonymous

    Read the bible people it is true and there is 30% if people already have this done. Read the bible revelations chapter 13 verse 15-17 then read revelations 14 verse 9-10

  • Tope

    People,the most important thing in life is to hold on to jesus christ bcos he’ coming 2 take only those who ‘re washed n santified with the blood of jesus. Pls do that today

  • Anonymous

    Its says 666 and im team Jesus Obama needs to stop and get in the bible, this is crazy im not getting no chip inside me . Tell him to put it inside his ownself . Let the people just take medication . What we need is WORLD PEACE. God help us all .

  • well anyway jesus will save all christians from the mark before it all happens and the christians will not have to see the world end. the christians have to believe in jesus and do the right thing

  • every one just has to keep believing in jesus and not work against the 10 commandments and remember jesus and what he did for us.Amen

  • it is april 5 and no one has a microchip inplanted so thank god for stopping this horrible act.

  • NSA Sexytime

    I am amazed that some of you have internet at all. Most of you seem to be complete doodooheads. Seriously?

  • JC Lova

    Revelation 13:16-18

  • elijahx

    First, I will not be getting a chip implanted for this or that reason; however, not need to worry about it being the mark of the beast. When the antichrist implements that system people will not be fooled, they will know exactly what it is and what it means. Obamantichrist can stick his chip where the sun never shines.

  • mattie

    omw this is soo scary
    help us Jesus please

  • I know this may sound crazy and I feel like I’m gonna get “swatted” for saying something as radical as microchip in head, but still. I hear this unusual beeping when I cup my hands over my ears. Any explanation? Is this normal for people with Tinitus, perhaps? I don’t know. Am I paranoid?

  • Courtney Wilt

    This is crazy. I am NOT getting a damn chip in my hand. Its the mark of the devil. Don’t believe me? Read the Bible. The end of time must be coming soon because most of the signs of the end of time have already happened. And if its either chip implanted in the hand or death. I believe I’ll take death! Because i am a true believer and I know my Lord Jesus Christ will protect me and take care of me if i do not take the mark of the devil! Amen! Stay blessed.

    • J Clifford

      Courtney, tell us the line in the Bible where it refers to microchips or electronic identification.

      Also, are you sincerely asking us to believe in a present-day conspiracy theory because of things that were written thousands of years ago?

      Are you searching the Mahabharata for predictions in American politics as well? Have you combed through the Odyssey for clues about who will win the 2016 presidential election?

  • Bill

    I just got my chip upgraded to Version 2.0. Much better resolution, and the sound quality is superb. Plus you get free lattes at Starbucks if you wave your hand under the scanner.

    • Bill

      And ooh…this is exciting; I just discovered an undocumented new feature in Version 2.0. When I power up Google Glass and say “OK Glass; six sixty-six” I get a heads-up real-time display of my current probability of going to Hell (it’s fun to watch the graph climb as I shove little old ladies into the street) as well as the locations and current occupancy of all the nearest FEMA death camps.


  • Kristy

    No weapon formed against me and family shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ.. THE DEVIL IS A LIE We will not get that mark they gonna have to kill us

  • Juniper

    Ooookay, Kristy. Trying to interpret your grammar. Are you trying to express concern about weapons formed against you in the name of Jesus Christ?

    • Kristy

      Yep that chip is a weapon and a mark of the beast of satan and I bind him in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.. If any evil mfka on here got a problem wit my comment then I bind you all.. Don’t get me started on here…

      • J Clifford

        So, Christians are going around calling non-Christians motherfuckers now? Who’s the beast? I think you already got yourself started here, Kristy.

        While we’re at it, has anyone approached you to tell you that you have to put a microchip in the back of your hand? Have you actually seen any Satanic microchips, Kristy?

  • Kristy

    Naw nah ain’t no we are at shit hea homeboy u are at it by yoself I done said what I had to say homeboy.. I been done talking cause this BS is a bunch of BS to me and who said i was Christian oan Kristy is a fake name by the way a mfka don’t know if I am a man or woman on hea lol Have a nice day and may God bless u to argue by yo self Jcliff this shit is funny to me bahahahaha..

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