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Lazy Land Rover Discovery

Here it is – the Land Rover Discovery that sits outside my son’s middle school every night, with its engine running, waiting to give a kid a ride, so that a trek of.less than a mile over the rough terrain of some sidewalks.

Sport. Hah.

Utility. Hah.


3 comments to Lazy Land Rover Discovery

  • Tom

    um . . . J? Let it go, man. It’s a scene that’s repeated how many times over across this country, probably the world . . . i know. . . but still, there are way worse things to obsess over.

  • JeffD

    I saw an oxymoron in the parking lot the other day. It was a sign that said “Go Solar!” in green indicating green power. But the sign was on the side of a huge SUV (they don’t come any bigger) the owner apparently used to install solar power equipment.

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