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FEMA Did Not Ban This Video

Right wing conspiracy theorists are obsessive about FEMA – the Federal Emergency Management Agency. On the surface, FEMA appears to be designed to help people in times of disaster… and in reality, FEMA helps people in times of disaster. Still, people who promote claims that Barack Obama is a secret Islamist Communist spy born in Kenya who never went to college and wears a secret decoder ring also are asking us to believe that FEMA has set up concentration camps across the USA where patriotic Americans are being imprisoned in secret.

There’s no evidence of FEMA concentration camps, but that only shows how powerful FEMA is, so they say.

However, in the latest extension of their FEMA conspiracy theory, FEMA comes out looking like a pussy cat.

FEMA conspiracy theoryThey post a video, which rambles on with statements such as “The coming disaster is upon us!” and warnings that “angry hungry mobs of urban warfare” will soon be pounding on your door. They claim that the video is such a threat to the secret FEMA conspiracy that it has been “banned by FEMA”.

Let’s indulge this fantasy for a minute. Let’s suppose that the video actually has been banned by FEMA.

The video is still available.

If the video really has been banned, how come we can still see it? Even if we accept the general frame of the conspiracy theory, FEMA appears not to have the power to actually impose its will, and prevent Americans from seeing the videos on its censorship list. If FEMA can’t even keep a video from escaping its control, how could it possibly operate large numbers of concentration camps within American borders, and keep them all secret?

12 comments to FEMA Did Not Ban This Video

  • Just Me

    So if we can still see it and it’s so bland and FEMA didn’t ban it, why can’t we still see it here instead of just a JPG acting as a placeholder?

    • The reason is that I’m not going to make Irregular Times into a billboard for the paranoid delusion of the people who made the video. I’m merely going to make fun of their paranoid delusions… until FEMA bans Irregular Times and ships me off into a concentration camp run by Bilderberg jackbooted thugs… out of my cold, dead hands!

  • Erica

    BETTER TO EXPECT, then NOT! And sorry, but
    anything to do with “OUR” government is possible.
    “ALL” the suspicions and conspiracies, one
    Must relize something is DEFINITLY wrong
    With “The Obama Adminastration” and
    All that surrounds it. IT IS BETTER TO BE AWARE

  • Ed Meyer

    OK, FEMA is completely clean,(as a driven snow….) WHy all of the weapons? WHy all of the ammunition? Why do we need a government entity that is “just as strong” as ouir military…..Even the thick headed cannot deny that BareBack Obama made this claim. OK, I supposed the REALLY thick headed can say that,(and do, evidenced here), But then again denial seems to be the word of the day.

    • Okay, Ed, if FEMA is just as strong as the U.S. military, where are its nuclear weapons? Where are its nuclear submarines? Where are its overseas bases? Where are its strike drones?

      I’m thick headed enough, Ed, to insist on looking at reality before making extreme claims about supposedly secret conspiracies. So, where is the proof that FEMA is just as strong as the U.S. military?

      • Ed Meyer

        Responmding to such a nonsensical question would be a waste of my time and yours, Maybe you should consider removing your blinders long enough to see the light of day, Hell many people actually enjoy living in the light rather than simply propping up a system that in the end will swallow you up as the blind man that you are, But I WILL state the following incontravertable facts, FEMA ,DHS and for some reason even the IRS has purchased more weapons and ammunition, (ammunition and weapons which I point out is of the type specifically designed for killing, and not for target practice), than was used during the entire war in Iran… Explain that one to me oh enightenend one. THIS my unsighted one, if not what it appears to be, should be at least EXPECTED to draw the interest of those like myself who chose to look at the world with our eyes open.

        • Bill

          What “war in Iran” was that, Ed? Did I miss a war (or did DHS suppress the news?).

          • Ed Meyer

            It was called the Persian Gulf war, and we the U.S wasnt directly involved (I never claimed that we were), But as is generally the case, “someone” assumed……Dont look around, it was you, The persian war lasted 8 years….but maybe you werent paying attention, Just a suggestion, before you shoot your mouth,(or in this instance your keyboard), off, maybe you could consider paying attention to what was SAID, and NOT what you wanted to hear. Ya wanna trade digs? with me? I REALLY enjoy making people look like a fool.

  • Ed Meyer

    And one more thing that you completely ignored in your not very well thought out response, It was President Obama who called for a private force “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”
    These are HIS words, NOT MINE.

  • lisa prince

    this is the same denial that allowed the death of over 6 million jewish people during the holocaust. that’s not the millions of others that theyd started on first. gypsies, the elderly (useless eaters) the handicapped (PLODS), and whoever the eugenics of the third reich deemed as subhuman. there is a list of FEMA camps all over the country. this isn’t conspiracy theory. its fact. right under FEMA. relocation purposes? then why do they need watchtowers? barbed wire fences? no one is allowed to come in? when you do these things it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they people aren’t ever going to be allowed to leave. theyre already doing this with REX 84, for illegal immigrants. the only crime they committed was to want a better life. this isn’t to control illegal immigration. its a process of dehumanization. and it always starts with people no one has use for anyway.then before you know it..4 am comes awfully early people. numerous trains being discovered, just sitting there. does that sound normal to you? and who can ignore NDAA or NDPA. BOTH GIVING OUR PRESIDENT SOLE POWER OVER HABEUS CORPUS AND ALL SUPPLIES. no “conspiracy theorist” made this up. this was HIS idea, HIS words.and no congress didn’t “make” him do this. HE wanted this.before most of congress even knew what was going on. why would a president do this? make this type of extreme power grab. even the ACLU normally in his corner were besides themselves. the power of delusion is so strong here that even when confronted with the facts they still choose to believe a lie

  • F.G. Fitzer

    What, Lisa? The death of “over 6 million jewish people during the holocaust” was caused by the denial of the existence of concentration camps run by FEMA under Barack Obama? I don’t think so.

    This is not the same denial. It’s a different denial.

    If there’s a list of FEMA concentration camps all over the United States, then I’d like you to give me the address of one, please. I’d like you to give me the address of a FEMA concentration camp within an hour’s drive of the Connecticut coast, as that’s where I’ll be over the next few days.

    There ought to be a FEMA concentration camp in Connecticut, if there are any such concentration camps anywhere at, because FEMA has been quite active in Connecticut since Hurricane Sandy last year.

    So, give me the address, and I promise I’ll go there, and I’ll take photographs of the watch towers and barbed wire, and ask to go in to the camp, and see if my request is denied.

    Just give me the address. You say there’s a list. Look at it, and give me just one specific item from that list.

    You do have the list, don’t you?

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