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The Joy Of Ground Transportation

I stepped out my front door and walked a quarter mile to a bus that took me the first 30 minutes of my trip for just $1.50.

I arrived at another Greyhound bus terminal where the shops around the departure gate include the range of an small city, rather than a set of highly restricted shops in closed space with outrageously inflated prices.

wpid-0203131352.jpgI didn’t have to show anyone any ID. I didn’t have my bags searched. I didn’t have to take off my shoes. I wasn’t scanned by any machines. I just showed my ticket and stepped on board.

There was no charge for checking luggage, and no fight for overhead bin space for carry on bags.

No one demanded that I turn off my electronic devices when I got on board. At my seat, there are two ordinary power plugs that don’t require any adapters, so that my computer and mobile device can both retain a charge for the entire journey. There’s also free wireless Internet. I’m writing and uploading this article while en route.

When I get to my destination, I won’t have to walk down long corridors to arrive at an ugly suburban destination a long cab ride from where I really want to go. I’ll just walk 750 feet down the sidewalk to my hotel.

The cost of this trip is a fraction of what it would be if I took an airplane.

I’ve got a warm, clean comfortable window seat. There isn’t anyone sitting next to me, taking the armrest.

In fact, there’s hardly anybody on this bus at all.


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