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John Cornyn Thinks Hill Country Is In Washington D.C.

Republican John Cornyn represents Texas in the U.S. Senate, so you’d think that he would know a few basic things about the geography… such as the fact that Texas Hill Country is, you know, in Texas. That simple fact seems to have escaped Senator Cornyn’s notice this week, however, as the insider politician holds a Hill Country event in downtown Washington D.C.

Tomorrow night, John Cornyn is holding a party at Hill Country… Hill Country BBQ Restaurant, that is, on 7th Street in Washington D.C., conveniently near office buildings filled with corporate lobbyists. Apparently, for Senator Cornyn, a Texas-themed restaurant is as good as the same thing, because instead of meeting with and working with his constituents in Texas, he’ll be meeting with other Washington D.C. insiders in a place with Texas-style décor.

washington texanTo be fair, the Hill Country restaurant does have more than one location. The other one is on West 26th Street in New York City.

Hosting John Cornyn’s rootin’ tootin’ pretending-to-be-in-Texas party are Jamie Gregory, lobbyist for the National Association of Realtors, headquartered in Chicago; Doyce Boesch, lobbyist for the city of South Lake Tahoe, California, and FMR Corporation (formerly known as Fidelity Management and Research, a big finance company headquartered in Boston; Mark Todd, a lobbyist for Altria, the parent company of cigarette dealer Philip Morris, headquartered in Virginia; and Missy Edwards, who in spite of her girlish name does the very grown up work of lobbying for Roche Holdings, a German-Swiss company with U.S. offices in California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana, and the East Coast, but none anywhere close to Texas.

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