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Extraterrestrial Civilization Could Be Discovered Next Week!

“The discovery of alien life or Earth-like planets and the implications to the world was a crucial item on the agenda at the annual World Economic Forum, or WEF, in Davos, Switzerland.” So writes “truther”, an anonymous conspiracy theorist.

What makes this item “crucial”?

“truther” found this text in a report by the World Economic Forum: “In 10 years’ time, we may have evidence not only that Earth is not unique, but also that life exists elsewhere in the universe.”

I do not dispute that humanity may have solid evidence of life on planets other than Earth within a decade. Of course, it’s also true to state that we may have evidence of extraterrestrial life in 100 years’ time. Or, we may never have any evidence of extraterrestrials. Or, we may, by this time next week, have evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization of gigantic rainbow colored squid capable of flying through the use of anti-gravity rays they shoot out of their eyeballs!

These are all things that may happen. Saying that they may happen isn’t the same as saying that they’re likely to happen. I may join the ranks of right wing bloggers who write tales of a coming extraterrestrial invasion aided by the federal government, but then again, it’s also true that pigs, given enough time and selective pressure, may learn to fly.

2 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial Civilization Could Be Discovered Next Week!”

  1. JeffD says:

    Was “right wing bloggers” meant to be dirogitory? Are you a bigot?

    1. Lew says:

      Sometimes it’s just so tempting to be “dirogitory.”

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