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If Obama Really Wants The Boy Scouts To Stop Discriminating Against Gays, Here's What He'll Do

So, Barack Obama has said that he wants the Boy Scouts of America to stop discriminating against gays. Currently, the Boy Scouts kick out any members that they discover to be anything but heterosexual. When asked about his opinion on the matter, Obama said he’d like that policy to end.

That’s a nice statement. As a statement, however, it doesn’t actually change anything.

Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America are having a meeting this week at which they will decide whether to approve or deny a new proposal regarding membership of non-heterosexuals as Boy Scouts. Despite what many people have claimed, the proposal being considered this week would not end discrimination against gays by the Boy Scouts of America. The proposal would merely allow some chapters of the Boy Scouts to choose to stop discriminating against gays, while allowing other chapters to continue their anti-gay discrimination, with the full support of the national Boy Scouts of America.

Imagine if the USA gave states the right to decide whether women could vote, or whether people could be segregated according to race. That arrangement would most certainly not be considered an advance in the struggle against discrimination.

This week, leaders of the Boy Scouts of America will vote either to impose system-wide discrimination against gays, or to have a more localized system of discrimination against gays. Either way, the Boy Scouts of America will continue to support discrimination against gays.

obama discriminationBarack Obama, if he really meant what he said, if he truly opposed discrimination by the Boy Scouts against gays, wouldn’t just talk. He would do something about it.

If Barack Obama really wanted to do something to help end the shameful discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts, would resign his position as Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America.

Barack Obama won’t do that, however.

He wants to keep the anti-gay bigots on his side.

3 thoughts on “If Obama Really Wants The Boy Scouts To Stop Discriminating Against Gays, Here's What He'll Do”

  1. Peregin Wood says:

    Update: The Boy Scouts of America has decided that it’s not going to change its policy for now. It might have a meeting later at which it considers the issue again, but for now the Boy Scouts of America will continue to discriminate against gays…

    … and guess what Barack Obama is doing about it…

    … you guessed it. President Obama is doing absolutely nothing. Obama is keeping his honorary leadership position in this discriminatory anti-gay organization.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    Scouts for Equality comments on the Boy Scouts proposal that has been shelved: “Discrimination–whether it’s at the national level or the local level–send a harmful message to all youth, gay or not, and has no place in Scouting.” And, from the campaign director of Scouts for Equality, on the idea that it’s okay for scouts to discriminate against gays in some places but not in others: “We don’t want to see Scouting gerrymandered into blue and red districts.”

    1. Dave says:

      The difficulty in changing the perception of those who hold the power here ( parents, not Obama) lies in convincing them that same-sex pedophiles are by no means always gay men. Gay means many things to many people. Since, for example, eight out of ten victims of child sexual abuse by Catholic Priests were boys, a picture, justified or not, of same-sex undifferentiated from gay emerges in the minds of anyone charged with the care and protection of kids. Changes of perception require time. They also, in most cases, require favorable statistics.

      Discriminatory policies will, I think, be slow to change for another reason: Though sexual predation is common in heteros and gays alike, just a few lawsuits brought against the Boy Scouts because of the actions of some predatory pedophillic scoutmaster will confirm in the minds of many who don’t know better that it was a gay thing (I told you not to let ‘m in!), and will bankrupt the whole organization anyway. The Scouts do not have the resources to endure the kind of thing the Catholic Church did recently, as they have not had eighteen centuries to pile up enough loot for the payouts to victims of pedophilia. Because so many confuse same-sex pedophiles with gays, sadly, any fallout will land on the gay community.

      By the way, even if one believes that parents of Scouts are dead wrong in exercising what they see as a need to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, in an organization that already discriminates on the basis of sex, is it really Obama’s place to school them on what’s best for their kids? After all, he is the President, not just of one group’s confusion, but he is the President of everyone’s confusion.

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