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How We're Talking About Drones Today

Yesterday, Peregrin Wood noted the leaking of a previously secret legal document written by the presidential administration of Barack Obama, a document that justifies the killing of American citizens who have been convicted of no crime, without the right to a trial and even without charges being brought to a criminal court. The tool for carrying out these killings: flying robot drones.

The architect of Barack Obama’s flying robot drone program for killing American citizens without a trial is John Brennan. And today, John Brennan is up for confirmation as Barack Obama’s nominee to be the new chief of the CIA.

More attention needs to be brought to this matter, but some people are already paying attention and talking about the bizarre dystopian turn our nation has taken into the flying-robot-drone killings without trial.

The public conversation is going on at least in part on the social headlining service Twitter. Here’s what they’re saying, expressed in the form of a linguistic network of word pairs:

Word pairs in Twitter discussion of Drones on February 7 2013, the day of John Brennan's confirmation hearing to be CIA chief

The drone program is a program to kill. We’re aware it’s being concealed. It’s directly related to the issue of whether someone like John Brennan should be given more power. The responsibility for it all comes back to Barack Obama.

3 thoughts on “How We're Talking About Drones Today”

  1. manning120 says:

    Unbelievable that this is only now coming up for discussion in this country, but it’s a good thing. Looks like most people, once they learn the truth, are repulsed by the Bush/Obama “targeted killing.”

  2. Count Stephen 1 of Sealand says:

    #DroneKing has been on twitter forever now, but Twitter and Abby Martin on RT News aren’t mainstream media, so that doesn’t count.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Count Stephen von Zeeland, you’re the first here to refer to mainstream media. When I wrote the headline “How We’re Talking About Drones Today,” I wasn’t thinking about TV. I was thinking about you and me.

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