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Blizzard Colors

Against the blinding white of the blizzard
The white birches seem a sickly yellow
The black-backed gull overhead seems blue
And every young man out there
Struggling to clear his driveway
Shows up dark against the background

4 comments to Blizzard Colors

  • Tom

    Good to see you’re still with us. How much snow did you get? i saw that Hamden got 40″. Any trees down, power out, get yer driveway shoveled yet? Your caring clientele want to know.

  • Hi, Tom! A whole lot of shoveling, over and over — about two and a half feet with wicked wind leading to bigger drifts. Yesterday shoveling was almost beside the point because the wind would blow the snow right back where it was. Internet was out and power flickered but didn’t fail — we had a windstorm a few weeks back that seemed to knock down most of the fragile limbs. A good cap to the season.

    • Bill

      Jim, I have a snowblower which, it turns out, I need like a hole in the head here in NC. Electric start an’ everthin’. It’s y’urn if you want to swing by and pick ‘er up!

  • Tom

    Yeah, rakin’ leaves ‘n shovelin’ snow doesn’t make much sense when it’s windy. Watch yer back – rest breaks and hydration. It’ll melt before long.
    On another note – did you see where geo-engineering is supposed to “come out of the closet” in March?

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