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Patriot Journalist Network pushes Dozens of Members of Congress to Bomb Twitter

Christian Technologist Mark PrasekSelf-described “Christian Technologist” Mark Prasek has a developed a new application for Twitter — a conservative “Patriot” robo-tweeting machine:

"We have developed technology whereby our members have granted permission for our Twitter application to act (either tweet or retweet) on their behalf. This is NOT just another hashtag used by a group on Twitter who vaguely agree with an intent to support one another. The difference is that our platform does not rely on good intentions, remembering, or members taking future volitional action. Our application is able to robotically post (re)tweets on behalf of our members - even if they are not online. Obtaining such broad and unlimited permission is indicative of the passion and trust of our members. We take the trust they have placed in us seriously. That's why we are reaching out to you."

The stated purpose of this robo-tweeting application is two-fold. The first object is to obtain more Twitter accounts controlled by the app. The second object is to direct these Twitter accounts to robotically support certain “elected officials” willing to stand behind “conservative topics, causes, and legislation”:

"What the #PJNET Team Tweet App Does For You:

When your tweets are Retweeted, a Thank You tweet will be sent out on your behalf

When you get a new follower, a Thank You tweet will be sent out on your behalf that will also suggest a random team member

It all happens automatically, 24/7 - whether you or the other team member is online or not
PLUS you can schedule your own recurring tweets that the #PJNET app will send out on your behalf (even if you're not online). Your tweets can go out around the clock - giving you more exposure.

PLUS with a single click, you can shout out positive encouragement to the verified Twitter account of an entire targeted group of elected officials who support specific up-to-the-minute conservative topics, causes, and legislation."

Mark Prasek’s Patriot Journalist Network refers to previous “Twitter Bot” efforts on behalf of Republican Representative Frank Wolf, Republican Senator Mike Lee, and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, and declares that Senator Lee’s office was aware of and broadly appreciative of the robo-tweeting campaign:

"Although the purpose of the bomb was to gain followers for Senator Cruz (and it did), Senator Lee's office reports that prior to the 'bombs', Senator Lee had accumulated some 14,000 followers during his 2 years of service in office. After the 'bombs' had run their course, Senator Lee had some 16,500 followers. His office credits our effort entirely with the sudden increase of some 2500 followers."

According to Prasek’s self-published statistics, his Twitter Bomb application has the capacity to reach 1,988,724 Twitter readers as of today and is adding capacity to reach about 14,000 more readers every day:

Number of Followers within reach of the #PJNET robo-tweeting astroturf machine set up by Mark Prasek

Prasek has a list of 209 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate who he is asking to cooperate with the Patriot Journalist Network in its “strategy in working with your office as well as the offices of other conservative elected officials going forward.” But it is vitally important in this effort, Prasek advises members of Congress, that citizens being inundated by robo-tweets don’t see the effort as a “Twitter Bot”:

"We have made recent subtle, but important, changes in our technology platform that offers even more opportunity. Previously, as in the example of Sentor Lee & Cruz above, I would "cut & paste" an existing tweet then I (@DataGenesis) would add

RT @WhoEver " .... paste original tweet here ... "

to the text of the orginal tweet then @DataGenesis would tweet it and it would then be retweeted by the entire team. While this has been effective, a better method would to simply have our team retweet the orginal tweet as is. This holds several advantages over the former method:

The tweet is "from" the original author (an elected official) - not from some obscure Twitter user (@DataGenesis)
The entire 140 characters are available since no additional characters need to be added
There is no obvious connection between the author of the tweet and the Patriot Journalist Network....

In order to go to the next level, we need to be more than a bunch of tweets. We do not wish to be known as another (albeit effective) Twitter Bot. The Twitter public has an overall low regard for Bots."

Finally, Mark Prasek and his “Patriot Journalist Network” are asking for money to accomplish all this:

"This Stuff Costs Real Money Folks!

The Patriot Journalist Network is staffed by volunteers and supported financially by friends like you.

The Patriot Journalist Network is a ministry of By His Grace Ministries. Your gift will be used solely to support the Patriot Journalist Network. None of the funds you donate here will be used to support other ministries.

By His Grace Ministries Inc is a Florida corporation for profit established in 2004."

Wait a moment. Did Prasek write that By His Grace Ministries is a corporation for profit? Isn’t that a typographical error? Doesn’t he mean to say that this is a not for profit organization?

Nope, that’s not a typo: look at Prasek’s Florida registration for By His Grace Ministries and you’ll see that this Patriot Journalist Network, for which he wants your money, is run as part of a for-profit corporation.

To sum up, it looks as though a for-profit Christian ministry is asking members of Congress (winning the participation of some already) to help him run a Twitter-bombing operation designed to hide its robotic machinery from public view, all designed to create the false appearance of independent communication in support of conservative Republican members of Congress.

Will Prasek succeed in his enterprise? Watch and see.

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