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Will You Drive To Washington D.C. To Attend The Largest Climate Rally Ever?

This coming Sunday, at 12:00 Noon, at the corner of Constitution Ave and 15th Street on the National Mall in Washington D.C., there will be what is being billed as “the biggest climate rally in history”.

climate change protest 2013It won’t be the biggest climate rally in history, actually. There have been larger rallies – global protests held in cities and towns simultaneously around the world.

But, let’s not quibble about such details. The political demonstration coming this Sunday will be large, and large political demonstrations are worth taking note of.

They’re worth participating in, too – so long as they make sense. That’s why I want to encourage Americans to not participate in this “biggest climate rally in history” – not unless they live within 50 miles of the protest or can reach the protest through mass transit.

Driving your car, and burning loads of fossil fuels, to get to Washington D.C. to protest against inaction on climate change is about the dumbest idea I can think of.

That doesn’t mean I’m urging inaction. Take action, by all means – but do it locally. Call your friends, and organize a local protest – outside the office of a member of Congress, perhaps.

It’s not enough for us to demand that politicians do something to slow down climate change. We have to change our own habits, too – and that includes changing our habits of centralized protest.

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