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Without Chair, Privacy & Civil Liberties Board goes 114 Days Without Action

Because the White House does not post any public information about the activities of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the only record of its activities are held in the Federal Register. According to the Federal Register, the board has gone 114 days since its last public meeting. This inactivity reflects the lack of a chair, without which the board can’t act. This is the only board dedicated to ferreting out and reporting on civil liberties violations by the government, and it’s been neutered since Barack Obama took his first oath of office in January 2009.

Fortunately, tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up the nomination of David Medine to be the Chair of the PCLOB. Watch for action — or inaction.

5 thoughts on “Without Chair, Privacy & Civil Liberties Board goes 114 Days Without Action”

  1. Cary Urka says:

    Its amazing how many lawyers go to work every day and walk past obvious civil volations in general, many county courthouses make it a harvest of the poor, the court attornys as low on the pole as any.

  2. Cary Urka says:

    Should have checkec the spelling.

  3. Cary Urka says:

    Should have checked the spelling. 231-477-5364

  4. Cary Urka says:

    Big issue, the spelling, goes to show what’s really important?

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