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A Bill Less Boring

A couple of days ago, J. Clifford reviewed the status of the Bitcoin, a coin that is interesting because it has never been a coin at all.

Bitcoin is a token of money against money, but if we turn back to actual, physical cash, there are some interesting alternatives to the plain old piece of paper that have developed in recent years.

money with plastic window

Consider, for example, Australian paper money, which isn’t all paper any more. The Australian twenty dollar bill, for example, includes a plastic window (the big white smudge in the corner), which itself contains a watermark. This feature makes the Australian paper currency especially resistant to counterfeit conspiracies, but it also adds a touch of fun distinctiveness.

Some people would like to get rid of physical money altogether. I’m not one of those people, but I do think that American coins and bills could use a bit more pizzazz.

Plastic windows are an idea that’s already taken. What other concepts would you like to see applied in American money.

One thought on “A Bill Less Boring”

  1. Dave says:

    I received a fifty dollar bill the other day that was about twenty years old. Accustomed now to the changes in the way most US money looks, this thing looked really antique-y. Sort of 19th century, maybe Confederate money or something. I would like for our currency to look really different from anyone else’s jazzy looking bills, so this is it. Keep that Victorian motif and maybe add a little gold leafing to the dollar signs. Australians will be secretly jealous.

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