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Congress Inaction!

Yesterday in the U.S. House of Representatives, our nation’s legislative leaders addressed the needs of our country by introducing absolutely no legislation and holding no votes or hearings. Over in the United States Senate, on the other hand, leaders responded to constituent concerns by not showing up to work at all.

It’s been six days since any new bills were introduced, any hearings were held, any congressional business was commenced at all. What have all those representatives and senators been so busy doing with that extra time?

They’ve been arranging meetings with rich people and representatives of huge corporations to exchange political influence for money.

Instead of going back home to meet with constituents in Missouri, Roy Blunt went down to Florida to take money from financial elites. Mark Amodei and and John Barrasso are meeting people in a ski lodge today – but you have to pay these members of Congress a high price in order to see them. Many members of Congress, icluding senator Tom Harkin and representative Gwen Moore, are using a Lady Gaga concert as a place to listen to people’s political advice, but only if those people hand them wads of cash first.

Of course, it’s not just current members of Congress who are attempting to trade the implied promise of political favors for cash. Elizabeth Colbert Busch, congressional candidate and sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, is holding a party at a bowling alley on Saturday – at which well-connected people can pay her $2,600 for a chance to meet the candidate at the lanes.

One thought on “Congress Inaction!”

  1. Tom says:

    Yep – bidniss as usual. They’re too busy being wined and dined by lobbyists looking to make money while the rest of the planet goes to shit, playing golf with Big Oil and Gas extractors in Florida while 40,000 people freeze their asses off in Washington D.C. protesting the XL pipeline, and not looking into the continuing financial shenanigans of the TBTF banks and Wall Street (in fact, they’re in on a lot of it). Great gummint ye got there in Washtin.

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