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Irregular Times Donations: Charity Water and the Sunlight Foundation

Here at Irregular Times, we sell sweatshop-free t-shirts to keep the website going, but we want to do more than that. Part of our way of being ethical about the t-shirt sales we make is to make sure they’re made and printed in the USA, where labor standards are higher than in the sweatshop-soaked countries like China, Vietnam and Bangladesh where most apparel comes from. The downside of our choice is that our money stays within the borders of the United States and doesn’t go to poor countries. As a way of resolving this dilemma, we commit to donating a dollar to the betterment of people’s lives in poor nations every time we sell a shirt. This time around, we’ve sent our donation to Charity:Water, a group that funds the creation of sanitary water supply for people in the world who only have access to dirty, health-debilitating water.

While we want to do our very small bit to help the world outside our borders, we’re also not happy with the way things are going at home. For that reason, we’ve also committed to donate a dollar to a domestic U.S. political cause each time we sell one of those sweatshop-free shirts. In this round, we’ve sent a donation to the Sunlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing the transparency of U.S. government activities.

I know that not too many people have a dollar to spare these days. If you’re lucky enough to have some spare change, consider making a donation of your own to these worthy groups.

One thought on “Irregular Times Donations: Charity Water and the Sunlight Foundation”

  1. Gabriela says:

    Hi there!
    That is so kind and thoughtful. On behalf of Sunlight, I thank you for your generosity!
    -Gabriela (Communications Director at Sunlight),

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