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Senator Brillo Pad

The United States faces a crisis of overspending by the military, decade-long erosion of civil liberties, accelerating climate change, and massive budget cuts threatening education and basic social services. So, how did Senator Rob Portman choose to address these problems yesterday?

rob portmanHe rose to the floor of the United States Senate and gave a speech about how much he loves Brillo pads. “Brillo was a revolutionary product, as Americans transitioned from heavy cast iron cookware to aluminum pots and pans in the early 20th century,” Portman said. “The Brillo pad has been featured in motion pictures, songs, and households nationwide. In 1964, the Brillo pad reached the height of its cultural popularity when Andy Warhol created a series of shipping cartons highlighting the iconic logo.”

So, Senator Portman has finally noticed the cultural impact of Andy Warhol. When will his aides tell him about the American military intervention in Vietnam?

That’s the way to keep things relevant, Senator Portman.

One thought on “Senator Brillo Pad”

  1. Tom says:

    Tool. Dweeb. Member in good standing of La-la-land. There are hamsters that have more on the ball than this poor excuse for a human. Thanks for the laugh.

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