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Senator Whitehouse Outraged That Other Senators Are Like Him

“I am here, actually, Mr. President, to once again urge Congress that we have to wake up to the growing threat of climate change. The alarm bells are ringing. The signs are all around us. Yet we continue to sleepwalk through history, ignoring the warnings from the scientific community, from economists and business leaders – even from our military – of long-term shifts in the climate of our planet.”

That’s how Senator Sheldon Whitehouse began his speech yesterday. He urged members of the Senate to finally take action to deal with climate change.

The thing is, two senators have taken action. Bernard Sanders and Barbara Boxer have introduced S. 332, the Climate Protection Act, a strong bill that would reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that are pushing climate change forward and reduce the public debt as well.

Sheldon Whitehouse hasn’t signed on as a cosponsor the Climate Protection Act.

Senator Whitehouse hasn’t introduced any other legislation to deal with climate change either.

senator sheldon napsWhitehouse closed his speech yesterday by saying, “Congress has been asleep long enough. We have a tradition in this body of taking the accounting of GAO – our nonpartisan watchdog – seriously and of taking GAO’s High Risk List seriously. GAO now joins our defense and intelligence communities, our scientific research communities, our State and local governments, and major sectors of private industry that have all elevated climate change from their to-do list to their must-do list. It is time for Congress to wake up to its duties and to get to work.”

Yes, Sheldon Whitehouse is urging the Senate to wake up, just as he’s settling down for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Senator Whitehouse Outraged That Other Senators Are Like Him”

  1. Tom says:

    It’s becoming pretty clear that neither Whitehouse nor anyone in the White House is going to do anything substantial to stop runaway climate change. This holds for the rest of the “developed” world too. Don’t get your hopes up or look for improvement over the next decade, because you will be disappointed.

  2. Green Man says:

    But, let’s give our support to the efforts of leaders like Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer, right, Tom?

  3. Tom says:

    Yeah, you have to take what you can when it’s available. i don’t understand why the Republicans hold so much sway when they can’t find a candidate that’s any good (or even resembles a human), have a platform full of hate and discrimination (basically the few mega-rich vs everyone else) and act like petulant children instead of thoughtful, considerate, cooperating adults. They continue to make life miserable for most of us by being anti-science, anti-voter, and anti-everyone not corporate, white and rich.

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