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The League Of Extraordinary Bicycles This Week In DC

Today is the first day of a three-day National Bike Summit, held in Washington D.C.

My first thought, upon learning this news is brrrr… couldn’t they have picked a warmer time of year?

bicycle activismConditions being what they are, most of the National Bike Summit will not take place outside, with participants on the seats of their favorite two-wheelers, though, as I write this, summit participants are taking an on-wheel tour of the green lanes of downtown Washington D.C. I wish them a safe completion of that element. Washington D.C. has seen an increase in bicycle use with bike rentals making human-powered transport more practical for visitors to the city, but those streets can still be rather dangerous for bicyclists.

Among the participants in this year’s National Bike Summit will be Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and the following members of Congress: Earl Blumenauer, Tom Petri, and Ben Cardin.

On Wednesday, attendees at the National Bike Summit will hold private meetings with additional members of Congress, provide a congressional briefing and receive an official congressional reception. If only bicyclists could get such a warm reception out on the streets of the USA.

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