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Those Who Get Equality, And Those Who Don't

It’s lonely being a bigot. The Boy Scouts of America organization found itself scrambling yesterday with the news that two of the big performers for this summer’s Boy Scouts Jamboree have pulled out of the event. Carly Rae Jepsen and the band Train told the BSA that they won’t sing and dance at the Jamboree unless the Boy Scouts change their policy of discriminating against gays.

Not looking so good is Lech Walesa, the well-known Polish politician and former head of the Solidarity labor movement. When Walesa heard that there was one openly gay member and another openly blue member of the Polish legislature, he declared that gays should be put “behind a wall.” Now, Poles are wondering is Walesa would create a new anti-gay version of the Berlin Wall, or create a gay ghetto in Warsaw. It seems that Walesa has forgotten that Solidarity means standing together, not forcing people apart.

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