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Rand Paul Filibusters Against Drone Executions Without Trial

When Senator Rand Paul began to speak yesterday, the subject on the floor was Barack Obama’s nomination of John Brennan to lead the CIA. The thrust of his speech, however, was the Obama policy, which Brennan supports, of executing American citizens without trial, using flying robotic drones. Senator Paul ended up speaking for 13 hours straight. The following statement, then, is just a tiny portion of what he had to say: “I think the idea that in the United States that this is to be a battlefield and that you don’t need an attorney, you don’t need a court, you don’t get due process is really repugnant to the American people and should be. I think it’s something that we have given up on too easily if we let the President dictate the terms of this. If the President is unwilling to say clearly and unequivocally that he is not going to kill noncombatants in America, I don’t think we should tolerate that. I think there should be a huge outcry and the President should come forward and explain his position. This discussion tonight really isn’t so much about John Brennan. It isn’t about his nomination so much as it’s about whether or not we believe that in America there are some rights that are so special that we’re not willing to give up on these. So as we move forward into this debate, it’s not really about who gets nominated to be the head of the CIA It’s about principles that are bigger than the people. It’s about something bigger and larger than the people involved. It’s about Constitutional principles that really we shouldn’t give up on. I think we should all judge as inadequate the President’s response when he says he hasn’t killed Americans in America yet, he doesn’t intend to, but that he might. I don’t think that that is a response that we should tolerate. And so as we move forward in this debate, we need to understand and we need to fight for something that is classically American, something that we are proud of and something that our soldiers fight for, and that is our rights, our individual rights, our right to be seen as an American, to be tried in a court by our peers, and I think if we were to give up on that, it’s a huge mistake.”

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul Filibusters Against Drone Executions Without Trial”

  1. Tom says:

    Except, if THEIR guy had won the election he wouldn’t have brought it up and would be thinking of ways to use it to their advantage!

    1. Peregin Wood says:

      Oh, I don’t have much respect for Rand Paul in general. But, I have just as little respect for those Democrats who are keeping their mouths shut because they don’t want to be seen as disloyal to a Democratic president.

  2. Sue says:

    Rand Paul’s objections are based on an extreme, farfetched, and, if I may say, laughable scenario. The government isn’t going to use this on American citizens in America. They’ll just use it on everyone outside of America. In other words, it’s always OK. Paul is objecting because the government didn’t want to tell us that in plain English. That’s probably something to do with their lawyers or something. Fact is, they are good and loyal Americans.

    His concerns are ridiculous. History decidedly tells us that when you give leaders extra powers, they will always choose to use the minimum power at their disposal, and will never try to get away with more.

    1. Heath says:

      Right on, Sue. There’s this huge leap of illogic that Paul is using here. Nobody disputes that they can use drones on, say, illegals and their fellow travelers in Mexico, or against Canadian socialists, or at Moslems just about anyplace. I suppose if our citizens get involved in that abroad, they take their risks. But here in America, they’ll most likely be targeting non-citizens with drones.

      And you are 100% right that leaders tend to be self-regulating with their powers. Even Richard Nixon didn’t physically attack Democrats. He opted instead to use non-violence, used bugging devices to listen in. That’s really not that big a deal. But then he wasn’t dealing with today’s socialist liberals.

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