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Greg Evensen Warns That Civil War Is About To Erupt, Just Like He Did Five Years Ago

Soon, “Civil War II will be underway,” warns Greg Evensen, a former Kansas state trooper. Those are, as they say, fighting words. Evensen says that the political agenda of Barack Obama, who he calls a “calculating Muslim communist”, has created so much division within the American nation that we will soon experience actual battles in the street, involving factions competing to control the country.

greg evensenWhat kind of terrible Marxist Islamic plots will provoke this new civil war? Among the triggers of fighting in the streets, brother against brother, Evensen claims that local governments are being bribed by “various national entities to push through these liberty killing laws that tell Americans to turn off their gas grills and lawn sprinklers.”

No lawn sprinklers!?! I can see why Evensen is angry. But is Evensen correct that resentments over gas grills and lawn sprinklers will built into sufficient fury to provoke outright civil war?

The accuracy of Greg Evensen’s prediction of civil war is put in doubt by the fact that Evensen has been predicting that civil war is just around the corner for quite a long time. Five years ago, before Barack Obama had been inaugurated, Evensen wrote that “Civil war is about to explode in America”.

How can Greg Evensen continue to tell people that civil war is about to occur, when his claims of imminent civil war have proved wrong in the past? It’s Evensen’s profession to make these claims. Evensen sells DVDs about his predictions and conducts training seminars telling people how they can prepare for the civil war to come. A two-hour “Castle Defense” telephone consultation from Evensen costs two hundred dollars.

If Evensen admitted that he’s been proven wrong, then what could he sell – DVDs about how a civil war is not going to happen and training sessions about what to do in the event that civil war does not break out?

2 thoughts on “Greg Evensen Warns That Civil War Is About To Erupt, Just Like He Did Five Years Ago”

  1. Jed says:

    auto mechanics charge around 90 dollars per hour I think, so maybe 100 dollars per hour for castle defense consultation might not be too bad? Lol

  2. Rose says:

    You got Mr. Evensen pegged right on. NOT ONE of his gloom and doom predictions have ever come to pass. NOT ONE!
    Some one ought to check on his military credentials or more importantly lack there of.

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