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Whitehouse Blows More Hot Air On Climate Legislation

I’ve written before about the empty talk that comes from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on the subject of climate change. Senator Whitehouse is fond of getting up and making passionate speeches about why now is the time that senators must act to create legislation to deal with climate change. The speeches are great, but after he’s done making the speeches, he embodies the very attitude that he criticizes so vigorously: Senator Whitehouse himself will not do anything about climate change. Whitehouse won’t introduce any climate legislation himself, and he won’t support any other senator’s climate legislation either.

Yesterday, Whitehouse outdid all previous performances. He not only called for senators to take action on climate change, but even identified a particular bill, S. 332, the Climate Protection Act, as a worthwhile piece of climate legislation. “Last month Senator Sanders and Senator Boxer introduced related legislation, and I commend them for their efforts,” Whitehouse said.

You know the punchline, don’t you? Senator Whitehouse may praise the Boxer and Sanders climate bill, but he won’t take action on it. Whitehouse has declined to add his name as a cosponsor of the Climate Protection Act.

2 thoughts on “Whitehouse Blows More Hot Air On Climate Legislation”

  1. L. Smith says:

    Well, with Obama, that makes two Whitehouses not walking what they’re talk.

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