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The Madonna and John Corapi Prophecies: Still No Death or Mayhem from On High

Five years ago, in 2008, Catholic priest and media personality Father John Corapi predicted divine punishment for abortion and godlessness, railing in dire tones:

"If we do not soon stop the genocide of abortion in the United States, we shall run the course of all those that prove by their actions that they are enemies of God—total collapse, economic, social, and national."

Eight years ago, in 2005, Rabbi Rafael Cohen issued his religious condemnation of pop figure Madonna for singing a song that, according to him, used the name “Yitzhak Luria.” Madonna pointed that the name “Yitzhak Luria” actually doesn’t appear in the song, but like other observable facts, it didn’t stop the Rabbi, who like Father Corapi predicted divine punishment:

"Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act is just simply unacceptable and I can only sympathize for her because of the punishment that she is going to receive from the heavens."

How’s that working out in 2013?

  • Abortion is still legal in the United States
  • The ranks of the godless in America have grown to one in five
  • Madonna’s song still doesn’t contain the name “Yitzhak Luria”
  • Madonna continues to make music and make money
  • The United States has not entered “total collapse,” either economically or socially
  • Rabbi Rafael Cohen has retreated into obscurity
  • Father John Corapi has been defrocked after being caught using drugs, racking up wealth and cohabiting with a prostitute.

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