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A Season Pass For Corruption With John Barrasso

The typical route to corruption in Washington D.C. has been piecemeal. Corporate lobbyists and representatives of political action committees have attended parties held by members of Congress, for which the members of Congress have made it known that political access will be put up for sale. Members of Congress ask for money up front, after which those who pay the price will be allowed to talk with the representative or senator about their clients’ legislative interests. These are one-time deals, though, without a guarantee of a continuing conversation.

john barrasso season passThis year, Senator John Barrasso and his campaign staff are seeking to overcome the limitations of these one night stands of corruption. They’ve innovated a new kind of deal, being premiered today at the Fiola Ristoranta on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

The Common Values PAC is offering a special corruption value pack. Lobbyists and representatives of other PACs will be able to pay a single fee for what the Barrasso campaign team is calling a “season pass”. Corporate insiders who buy the Barrasso Season Pass will be granted access to the senator and members of his staff at every fundraising event held this year – so that they’ll be able to practice influence over the legislative process consistently, over a prolonged period.

Think of it as a lobbyist’s version of going steady.

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