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Which Luciferian Obama Administration Officials Are Culling The Herd?

Over at the always-fun right wing conspiracy theory web site News With Views, Paul McGuire has specialized in resurrecting some very old stories and put a new spin on them. Most recently McGuire is claiming that a secret Rosicrucian Luciferian cabal that includes top political leaders from around the world, and even here in the United States, is working to reduce the global human population.

secret illuminati eliteMcGuire tells his readers, “Our current leaders, who are ultimately ruled by the Luciferian elite, have called for a reduction of the world’s population from seven billion to five hundred million and they specifically use the term ‘culling the herd.'” Could it be true? Could Paul McGuire be right?

Fortunately, with this particular conspiracy theory we don’t have to guess. McGuire has presented us with a specific hypothesis with two particular claims that can be tested:

1. There is an ultra-powerful Luciferian elite that controls national governments around the world and is working to reduce the global human population to 500 million.
2. “Our current leaders” use the term “culling the herd” to refer to a global human population reduction program.

To test the first claim, we only need look at the trends in global human population. If there really is an ultra-powerful Luciferian elite trying to reduce human population to 500 million, then we should see the results of the secret conspiracy. The number of people populating planet Earth should be going down.

According to the World Population Clock run by the U.S. Census Bureau, that’s not happening. Instead, human population is increasing. Right now, it’s estimated that there are 7,071,743,892 people living on Earth. That’s about eight and a half million more people than there were just a month ago. It looks like, even if there is some secret Luciferian population reduction program, it’s a big failure, and so, the Luciferians aren’t much of a force to be reckoned with.

On to the second claim, that our leaders are using the term “culling the herd” to refer to their Luciferian population reduction conspiracy, all we have to do is check the public record to see if top Obama Administration officials are in fact talking about “culling the herd”. The answer to this one is simple. There is no record at all of any top Obama Administration official using the phrase “culling the herd”.

Barack Obama hasn’t ever talked about “culling the herd”. Neither has Vice President Joe Biden. Nor have John Kerry or Charles Hagel, the secretaries of State and Defense.

So, yet another conspiracy theory about the Bilderberg Illuminati Rosicrucian Luciferians proves to be completely without basis in fact. Don’t expect this lack of evidence to result in an end to the claims by people like Paul McGUire. They’ll go on making their baseless assertions of dark international conspiracies, and many Americans will go on believing them. The reason: Some people, if they don’t believe that they are working in opposition to a powerful, secret and evil foe, just don’t know what to do with themselves.

2 thoughts on “Which Luciferian Obama Administration Officials Are Culling The Herd?”

  1. Chris tweed sr says:

    I personally am a firm believer in luciferian teachings and the knowledge aspect of it.and a lot of people have a misconception of Lucifer and his teachings.

  2. Dodgy Website says:

    I am a Theistic Luciferian and this is completely against our way of life.

    This is a God-fearing point of view, the opposite of the way any kind of Luciferian thinks.

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