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They'll Cheer on an Old Sorority, But They Won't Bother About Drones

The following members of the U.S. House of Representatives have gone out of their way to cosponsor House Resolution 10, a bill that congratulates the Delta Sigma Theta sorority for lasting a hundred years:

Rep. Marcia Fudge (Democrat-OH, District 11) — principal sponsor
Rep. Joyce Beatty (Democrat-OH, District 3)
Rep. Corrine Brown (Democrat-FL, District 5)
Rep. George Butterfield (Democrat-NC, District 1)
Rep. Donna Christensen (Democrat-VI, District 0)
Rep. Judy Chu (Democrat-CA, District 27)
Rep. Yvette Clarke (Democrat-NY, District 9)
Rep. Wm. Clay (Democrat-MO, District 1)
Rep. Steve Cohen (Democrat-TN, District 9)
Rep. Gerald Connolly (Democrat-VA, District 11)
Rep. John Conyers (Democrat-MI, District 13)
Rep. Elijah Cummings (Democrat-MD, District 7)
Rep. Danny Davis (Democrat-IL, District 7)
Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Democrat-TX, District 35)
Rep. William Enyart (Democrat-IL, District 12)
Rep. Al Green (Democrat-TX, District 9)
Rep. Alcee Hastings (Democrat-FL, District 20)
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat-TX, District 18)
Rep. Eddie Johnson (Democrat-TX, District 30)
Rep. Henry Johnson (Democrat-GA, District 4)
Rep. John Lewis (Democrat-GA, District 5)
Rep. Gwen Moore (Democrat-WI, District 4)
Rep. Eleanor Norton (Democrat-DC, District 0)
Rep. Charles Rangel (Democrat-NY, District 13)
Rep. Cedric Richmond (Democrat-LA, District 2)
Rep. Bobby Rush (Democrat-IL, District 1)
Rep. Tim Ryan (Democrat-OH, District 13)
Rep. Robert Scott (Democrat-VA, District 3)
Rep. Bennie Thompson (Democrat-MS, District 2)
Rep. Juan Vargas (Democrat-CA, District 51)
Rep. Frederica Wilson (Democrat-FL, District 24)

Not one of these members of Congress has bothered to introduce or support any legislation to regulate the use of drone aircraft, flying over American skies, tracking our movements, following our public activity and hovering over our back yards.

Ask them why.

11 thoughts on “They'll Cheer on an Old Sorority, But They Won't Bother About Drones”

  1. Papito says:

    Drones? Talk about a ridiculous fear. You’re not becoming one of these Republican Paul-tards, are you, thinking they are going to use these on citizens *inside* the country, are you? The drones will only be used on citizens if they go on vacation abroad. Not while they are here in the country. Obama has *no plans* to do so. Get over it.

    1. Eustace says:

      This has nothing to do with politics, I’m afraid. Just sheer luddism and stoking up anti-technology sentiments in the public.

    2. Garret says:

      Like I said, tin foil hat people inhabit this site.

      1. J. Clifford says:

        It is striking, Garret, that you, Ed, Eustace and Papito all are writing from the very same IP address, within less than an hour of each other. How very coincidental that is, given that, I’m sure, you are not in fact all the very same person.

        1. Papito says:

          Accusing all of us of being a sock puppet. Basically just more conspiracy talk…

          1. Jim Cook says:

            It would be “conspiracy talk” if it weren’t for this little thing called IP addresses. You know, a “tech” thing. You’re so silly, 173. Can I call you 173? Yesterday, you were impersonating “Faye” and “Skeptic” as they “supported” “one another.”

        2. 173 says:

          Aw, hell. You got me.

          I’d urge you to think about it this way: I’ve posted bogus arguments which are pretty ridiculous and easy to counter. What’s not to like in that?

        3. Faye says:

          For your information, I wasn’t “supporting” Skeptic, I was just expressing the truth about this Global Warming hoax. Why listen to climate scientists but ignore the words of truly informed people, like Senator James Inhofe?

        4. 173 says:

          Please, Faye, cool it. I’m trying to have a conversation with Jim on behalf of all of us.

        5. Jim Cook says:

          Hee, hee, hee.

  2. Ed says:

    Well, I don’t support Barry Soetoro or his Occupy agenda, but I do think we need to eliminate onerous government regulations on the use of drones for our security.

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