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Google To Release GoogleMug In April

Following the successful release of Google Glass, a set of digital, wirelessly connected eyeglasses, Google has announced that it will introduce GoogleMug, a smart coffee cup, on April 1 this year.

The device will feature a full suite of apps of the sort that users have come to expect from their smart phones and phablets, including an Angry Birds knock off that substitutes frustrated coffee beans for the birds. Unlike the iPad Mini, the GoogleMug. Will be able to make telephone calls.

internet cupThe camera app, trademarked under the name MugShot, can network with other GoogleMugs, “so it’s like you’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop with all your old friends, even though you’re living hundreds of miles apart.”

The apps specially designed for the GoogleMug will make use of an array of sensors on the interior of the cup. The background of the screen exterior will change color as the coffee or tea inside cools. Embedded heaters can also be set to automatically reheat the liquid once it goes down below a certain temperature.

Users will also be able to create setting for their preferred amount of sweetener and cream, so that the GoogleMug will advise their spouses when they need to add a little bit of something to make it just right.

The You’re Getting Warmer app is made for coffee drinkers traveling in unfamiliar cities. Using GPS and a proprietary database, the app will direct the handle of the GoogleMug to vibrate with increasing intensity as the person holding it gets closer to a coffee shop.

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