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The Language of Conspiracy: Twisted Twitter Titters on the Obama Microchip

It’s a hoax, you know.

There is no provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) that will force Americans to have government-tracked rfid microchips implanted under their skin. Just read the law for yourself to verify this.

For those who don’t like to verify anything, there’s the right-wing social media echo chamber. Jump inside the chamber and you’ll find plenty of declarations that by March 23 2013 — this upcoming Saturday — all Americans be required to have a microchip implanted in some location (the back of the hand, the forearm and the back of the neck are popular body spots) so they can be tracked. This microchip will be, according to the paranoid Christian eschatologists among the bunch, a mark of the Beast imposed by the anti-Christ Barack Obama, a signal beginning the End Times and triggering the events of the apocalypse:

They’ll have to come up with a new conspiratorial prediction come March 24, but until then we can enjoy their twisted titters on Twitter. Back in January, I tracked Obama microchip Twitter posts for a few days and posted a semantic network that describes the most frequent verbal connections the conspiracy minded were making at the time. Words pair up if they appear nearby in the same Twitter posts. Excluding common connector words, the January 2013 Obama microchip verbal network appears below, with most-used terms in fiery red and least-used terms in deep blue:

January 2013 Obama RFID microchip Twitter network

I thought it might be time for an update, so I checked Twitter for posts on the subject in the past week (March 10 – March 16). As you’ll see below, the talk on the subject has simplified to encompass fewer verbal connections as the conspiracy promoters, sensing a bust, start to back away from the subject:

Conspiracy Updated: Network of Word Pairs Describing Linguistic Connections in Twitter Posts Predicting an Obamacare Microchip Apocalypse on March 23 2013

By March 24, 2013, the semantic network describing the Obama microchip apocalypse will likely be as empty as the set of claims propping up the hoax.

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