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House Republicans Vote AGAINST Cutting Deficit By 4.4 Trillion Dollars

Yesterday, I wrote about the hypocrisy of the Democrats of the U.S. House of Representatives. The House Democrats say that they want a progressive federal budget, which preserves Social Security and Medicare while ensuring that extremely wealthy people pay more of their fair share. The majority of House Democrats voted against just such a bill this week, however, when they voted against the Back To Work Budget from the Progressive Caucus.

congress roseThe Democrats aren’t the only political party to act as hypocrites in the House of Representatives, though. Republicans in Congress have become experts at saying one thing and doing another.

Republicans are always saying that they want to reduce the size of the federal budget deficit. The Back To Work Budget bill would have delivered a sizeable reduction in the size of the federal deficit: 4.4 trillion dollars.

However, when they offered a plan that could actually reduce the budget deficit, which the Senate could agree to, not one single House Republican voted to approve the plan.

Republicans: They say they’re for fiscal responsibility, but then they vote against it.

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